Author Topic: Khellandros: Into the Abyss  (Read 11314 times)

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Khellandros: Into the Abyss
« on: February 21, 2011, 01:37:51 am »
When the forces of Auxilium raided the abyss, many had a story. This is Khellandros'.

The narrow ledge along the canyon presented a terrible delima for the third and fourth platoons heavily armor knights. Falling rocks, breaks in the ledge and narrow passes were all factors in the slow going of the Auxiliars. Fortunately for the lean halfling running point the path was plenty wide and presented no obstical. Staying within sight of the slow moving army, Crusader Khellandros kept far ahead keeping a vigilant eye for anything that might present a danger. The scent that wafted from the dark canyon below was an ever present promise of the possible evils waiting to strike. The sound of a man yelling caught the halflings attention, turning he quickly caught sight of Aegis Cyril. Positioned at the back of the Third and at the head of the Fourth he was staring hard at the northern skies. His alert posture quickly changed to alarm as he began yelling orders to the Auxiliars. As one the entire army of Auxilium disapeared behind a cloak of invisibility.

   Left exposed and ignorant of the danger the halfling ducked behind the nearest large rock and stared hard at the skies until he picked out the shape of a massive dragon. A broad smile crossed his small face as he quickly lept from one hiding place to another zig zagging back down the path to the hidden army. As he neared, the dragon turned to the eastern side of the canyon where Aegis Lovire's First and Second platoons marched. A disappointed look crossed the short Crusaders face as the dragon turned, slowing to a light jog he entered the boarders of the invisibility spell. As the army quickly materialized before his eyes they just as quickly disapeared in a blinding white pulse.
   A shockwave carried down the path leveling the army and blasting Khellandros backwards into the air. The impact carried him up and away from the ledge of the canyon, spinning his arms for balance he reached the apex of his flight and began his decent, down and away from the ledge. As the trail and army disapeared above him, the halfling quickly drew a small statue from a belt pocket. Opening the top he produced a faintly glowing white feather and held it triumphantly over his head as he plummeted into the swirling blackness of the canyon. Shoving the feather into his mouth, Khellandros quickly devoured it and he continued to fall. The wall that rushed past him began to slow down until finally it simply bobbed to a halt. Floating in total darkness the halfling smiled to himself,"Thank Markov for mages."    
   Looking around for a point of reference the halfling began to drift towards the wall which he hoped would lead back to the ledge, the army, and some actual battle. Grasping an outcropping of rock he pulled hard, propelling himself upwards. Each time an inviting rock presented itself Khellandros would promptly grab it and pull hard, increase the speed of his ascent. As the wall sped past him, a small rock hit the top of his helmet causing his head to ring painfully. Looking up into the blackness, an outline darker than what surrounded him seemed to poke out of the wall above him then disapear. The ringing in his head still nagged at him as the shape poked out from the wall again, this time more blackness extended from the shape then withdrew quickly into itself again. Staring up in confusion, the shape was blotted from his view by an even larger blackness. Straining his head upwards the halfling tried to decipher what the shape was as the large rock hit him in the face, exploding his nose in a fountain of blood, blurring his vision severely and slowing his ascent drastically.

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Re: Khellandros: Into the Abyss
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2011, 02:19:43 am »
Part II

   The rock connecting with Khellandros' face sent him into a forward spin towards the wall before him. Expecting a second blow at anytime the halfling braced himself for impact and reached forward for something to slow him. The flying enchantment wore off as his ankles connected with the rim of a cave dropping him stomach first onto the rough rock floor. Blood began to pool around Khellandros' face, his broken nose leaking profusely. Pushing himself up, he leaned against the wall searching for something to staunch the bleeding. Grabbing his statue again, he pulled out a small root and chewed on it as the bleeding quickly stopped. Holding his nose gently he muttered, "I'm going to kill whatever did this to me.." There was a sharp click to his right.

   The click came from a creature within the cave. It seemed like an odd, bony humanoid with four arms instead of two. The legs were backwards in the hip sockets, giving the creature the ability to crawl along the side of walls, that and the grasping claws it had for feet. As he watched it near him, the thing widened its dark orb like eyes and opened its mouth to scream. Sharp, jagged yellow teeth lined the v-shaped mouth, dripping semi-clear green slobber. Its scream reverberated through the cavern like a thousand claws tapping on stone. Jumping to his feet Khellandros quickly drew his sword and positioned his shield between himself and the creature.
   With a push of its powerful limbs the creature leapt to the other wall, gaining momentum it leapt at the waiting halfling. Yelling praise to Markov the halfling leapt shield first into the creature, colliding in a tangle of arms and clawed feet the pair crashed to the ground. Khellandros had the upper hand, sitting atop his shield he had the creature pinned face down. As he readied a killing blow the creature turned its head completly around and locked eyes with the halfling, screaming its arms and legs disjointed and turned inhumanly to grasp the halfling in a clawed hug. Dropping his sword Khellandros pushed at the things chest, keeping its snapping teeth at bay. As its claws teared at his back the sound of screeching metal could be heard. Bunching his legs he jumped hard, slamming the thing against the side of the cave and breaking its grip. Leaping back Khellandros felt blindly for his sword, not taking his eyes from the contorted miscreation. The thing advanced as the hilt of the halflings weapon touched his hand, standing he raised the sword in a salute and advanced. Again the creature screamed and this time other screams answered from deeper within the cave.
   With a great push the creature went airborne once again, charging forward the halfling ran beneath the creature slicing upwards with his sword. An arc of acrid smelling ooze followed the razor tip of his blade as the creature passed over his head. Landing with its back to the halfling its head turned too far around to look back at him, gnashing its teeth its body turned to match the head as it approached again. It ran in impossibly low, using two of its four arms as extra feet it launched to the left at the last instant slicing at the halflings face. Pulling his sword up to block Khellandros severed the creatures hand, turning swiftly he kicked the creature in the back sending it into the wall. Advancing without pause the halfling booted the thing again bouncing its head off the wall causing it to fall backwards, spinning his sword deftly he removed the creatures head. The headless corpse hit the ground with a wet thump as the sound of more clicking echo'd through the cave. Peering into the darkness a hundred yellow orbs glared back. Reaching for his statue Khellandros began searching for another feather, and another feather he did not find. Looking over his shoulder at the empty swirling abyss outside the cave, Khellandros eyed the glowing orbs warily. Seeing his shield the halfling rushed forward to find it broken and destroyed. Sighing Khellandros instead grabbed a fist (halfling fist) sized rock in his off hand and turned to face the abyssmal spawn ahead of him. Grasping his sword in one hand and his rock in the other, the short crusader charged forth.

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Re: Khellandros: Into the Abyss
« Reply #2 on: February 21, 2011, 10:24:50 pm »
Part III

   As Khellandros charged into the darkness, rock in hand, the cave began to shudder violently. Stumbling sideways the halfling grabbed the wall to steady himself until the tremor stoped. The shaking got worse, and was now acompanied by a loud roar that eminated from the very walls of the cave. The yellow eyes of the creatures blinked in and out as the cave erupted around them. A massive worm ripped through the cavern, eviscerating the creatures its lateraly ridged body undulated by, shaking the very earth around it. The worm seemed like it would never end. The vibrations cause by its travels were beating the small halfling senseless, as the steady roar of the earth being torn apart turned to a monotonous drone. The ground calmed and all that could be heard was the rapid tinking of the still vibrating halflings armor.

   Head cleared and feet steadied Khellandros took note of the caves current state. The worm collapsed the tunnel ahead, but conviently left a much larger one that led either up or down. You could tell by the small stream of green slime that flowed back from where the worm came."Well, I suppose if I don't go up I'll be a yellow halfer..." muttering to himself Khellandros began to jog up the tunnel left behind by the massive worm. The going was easy, the path smooth and large, aside from the river of acid it was a pleasant cavern to run in. It seemed like hours before the ever constant slope of the tunnel began to rise and then quickly leveled out as it came to what could only be called an end. The tunnel carried on for the length of 20 giants before "ending" in a glowing light. There was no breeze, the light was not the welcoming glow of the sun but a strange blue-green glow with wisps of fog or some other sort of etheral mist lingering in the light. Slowing to a walk, and edging to the side of the tunnel the halfling made his way to the opening with all possible stealth.


   Sitting atop his massive obisidian throne the Nabassu Demon lord watched with a bored expression on his face as the worm thundered towards his lair and soon to be fortress. The walls began to shake violently as the mindless tunneler rushed onwards towards the waiting Demon. Rising from his throne the Nabassu unfurled his massive bat-like wings, flexing his taloned fingers he took to the air. The far wall erupted into shards of rock and earth as the worm entered the Demons lair, green acid dripping from its giant mandible. Flying up and out of

sight the demonlord reversed direction and dove back down to intercept the monster. With a thunderous bellow the demon enveloped itself in black flames, stopping a halfling head from the massive worms dripping maw he drew back his clawed hand. The flames which surrounded the demon quickly cocentrated on his fist as he struck what could be called the beasts head. On impact the concentrated fires burst forth into a massive blast of fire and acid as the blast devastated the front half of the worm. When the haze of smoke and acid settled, the demon reignited and purged the corpse from his lair with another blast of hellfire.

   Snarling at the mess made from his initial attack on the monster, the Nabassu flew back to his throne. Perched on top like some horrific abyssmal bird, the demon lords skin shifted to match the many faceted onyx throne.

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Re: Khellandros: Into the Abyss
« Reply #3 on: February 21, 2011, 10:32:10 pm »
Part IV

As the halfling neared the exit of the worm hole his footsteps began
to drag, a feeling of dread washed over him. A fear, more tangible
and real than anything he'd ever felt enveloped him in a wave.
Dropping his rock, he grasped the mark of his god tightly. Muttering
prayers to Markov, Khellandros trudged onward diligently. Reaching the
edge of the worm holes exit he was struck by the strong smell of burnt
flesh and smoke.

The tunnel opened into a massive dome shaped lair, the ceiling lost
in a mass of blackness. A long smoldering pile of ash, the length of
a large worm, stretched the length of the cavern. At the back of the
lair a large mass of shadow blacked the wall. Looking around the cavern
cautiously khellandros could only assume the feeling of despair came
from the blackness. Releasing his mark, the halfling grabbed the statue
from its pouch and cautiously made his way towards the mass of black.

The closer he walked the more certain he became that this darkness was
the source of anguish. His steps slowed and began to falter, each footfall
taking more effort than the last. Looking into the the darkness, the
mass began to take shape. The base became a shinning black throne made
of stone. Standing atop it, made from the same material the visage of
a massive disgusting demon glared down at the halfling. Its huge bat-like
wings were spread to their fullest extent, enveloping the room like a
cloak of darkness. The body of the statue was humanoid in appearance,
the muscles almost seemed to ripple along its body. The huge clawed
fingers seemed to be growing a vibrant green moss on them. Stopping
in his tracks Khellandros stared at the statue, mesmerized by the
grotesque beauty of it. The head of the massive sculpture was a
mockery of human-kind, featureless and horrific it smiled an eternally
sinister smile. Shining life-like eyes locked with Khellandros filling
his mind with visions of evil beyond anything he could ever imagine.
Legs shaking, it was all he could do to remain standing. "What evil
is this?"
the halfling whispered as he grabbed the symbol of his god.

Booming laughter erupted, filling the room like the voices of a
thousand mocking imps. Shuddering the statue rose from its perch,
stading its full height the demonlord threw its head back with mocking
laughter. "Impetuous little mortal, you trespass where no god can
right your foolish mistake!"
. Glaring in disgust the halfling stood,
"Do not mock the power of Markov vile demon, you may find yourself banished
beyond the pits of the abyss!"
. Laughter shook the cavern as the
demonlord stepped down to take a seat in the massive throne. Reclining
lazily it spoke, "I find you're pride distasteful, you will earn the
right to die by my hands."
with a wave of his clawed fist the lair
darkened into an oppressive blackness. A blast of flame ignited the
room with light once again revealing a large group of imps, lowly
servants to the Tanar'ri. Hovering above the ground on leathery wings
they floated towards Khellandros, laughing maniacly.