Author Topic: The Elf before the gold  (Read 8946 times)

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The Elf before the gold
« on: September 23, 2010, 09:42:09 pm »
Allalous sat alone on the balcony of her husband?s home, looking out across at the ocean, watching the sunrise in the east. Inside slept her husband, Demokis, away from any of the sunlight. Allalous didn?t mind being alone in the mornings. It helped her mind be at easy and it aided her to concentrate about what she needed to do that day. A green and silver book lay beside her on the railing, pages turning in the wind. She had been writing some in her life journal for a while now. Most of the time, Allalous would just read about her past and all her memories. The pages stop on the first entry Allalous had written in the book, from back in her home land.

     Allalous was the youngest of four children, three boys and her. Her mother had been worried that Allalous would become jealous of her older brothers while they all were growing up, males getting most of the attention due to the fact that they were mostly trained in the arts of fighting. She really didn?t mind being the only girl, it sort of did not matter since she saw daughter to the king of the elven city. She could do just about anything and get away with it. Allalous did love your bothers and would watch them as they trained for the army. She asked her mother if she could join, but was told that was not very lady like for a princess. When ever there was a battle, she would watch her bothers lead the army off into the unknown without her.
     When Allalous became 50, she had to see how her older brothers fought in the battles. One night, in the War of the Home Forest was under way, Allalous snuck out while both her parent were asleep. She hid out of sight and ear shoot of her fellow elves and brothers, and watched in the cover of darkness while they camped. It was a clear night, little wind blowing through the tress, and every now and again a wolf would howl in the dark. The elven army was mostly asleep, except for the swift change of the night watch. Suddenly, Allalous woke up to blood chilling screams from the camp. She looked and saw humans raiding the camp and setting the ground on fire to keep everyone in the area. She grabbed the sword that she had stolen from her father?s armory and ran out to help. Allalous called for her brothers, but no one answered. Some of the humans saw her and tried to attack, but in her rage she slew everyone that came near. She tried to extinguish the flames, but it was too late for that, and the tents blazed wildly in the red fire. The sound, that chilling sound would haunt Allalous for the rest of her life. She watched as human trusted their swords into her brothers as they tried to save the others. Each one fell to their knees, then collapsing to the ground. She screams for them, the humans seeing her and dash off. Without thinking about herself, Allalous jumps into the flames to where her brothers are. Two of her brothers she knows they are gone, so she drags the oldest one out of the inferno. She lays him down a ways away from the camp, trying to save his life.
?All-aalous? How?why arre you here?..?
?Sssh, Artamir, don?t speak. You are gravely wounded and need to rest.?
?Where?are Si-?
?They have been killed by the humans that attacked you, I killed most of them.?
Artamir smiles slowly at her, coughing a few times, ?You must go? back and tell our? parents what happened.?
?I?m not leaving you here alone?
?There?is no time?to wait?. Death is coming over?.me . You need?to be safe?.from the humans.?
Allalous? eyes fill up with tears as she watches her brother?s breathing grow shallow.
?Be?strong little sister? I?ll be watching?.you?? He speaks his last words, clutching Allalous? hand.
His heart stops and his grip lessen in her hand. Allalous closes his eyes, resting both his hand across his chest. She bows her head, says a soft pray her to gods to watch over her brothers, then stands to her feet. Rain began to fall around her as she headed back home. She walks slowly into the city gates and falls down on her knees to cry. By this time the sun had risen and many elves where out and saw her. Allalous? father was the first to run to her to find out what was the matter.
          Fifty more years pasted by, and Allalous had been the first female to join in the sylvan military. In the years that followed, the sylvan army grew three times it size with the adding of females to their ranks. Allalous had been the head scout for years, until one day she finally found out about the humans that had attacked her brothers. They lives in a very far city called Naerlan in the land called Tharel. After weeks of travel on foot and leaving her life behind her, Allalous found a boat to take her to the city of Aliuna across the Dragon Sea. If these men still lived or if their children lives, she didn?t care. Allalous only knew only human she came across would die a bloody death by her hands.
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