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Problems with deduction
« on: April 24, 2010, 04:53:43 pm »
<Scrawled in red crayon upon a long piece of parchment seem to be the musings of child. Written in a juvenile Drow script containing various cartoon figures represented throughout the text...>

I once met long ago with a couple of logicians ... compounding their thoughts on the powers of reasoning. Debating amongst themselves about the merits of aposteriori acknowledgement of transition, and analysis of change in the world. 'Is everybody in Tharel such boring individuals?' is a thought that flickered throughout my skull. Nevertheless I begifted them with my attention as it was a lazy evening in which I hadn't really anything to do but sip from a chalice and enjoy Naerlan cuisine.

It was as if they lost all wonderment within and without of the world that has been laid at their feet. Such nonsense and drivel spewed forth from their lips and it chagrined me to no end. Indeed I felt it so necessary to leave before my cerebral functions be invaded by idiocy ... particularly when one idiotic middle aged human mentions in discourse to his compatriot in the forces of stupidity ...

"Surely if the premises are all true, then the hypothetical must be also ... that the exact nature of knowledge stems from the ability to pervue all information given that witnesses a conceptual apperceptive ideality transcend into a brand new situation, state, or substance beyond it's previous incarnations"

I was mortified... what passes for an intellectual these days?

Such skepticism that the mind has, especially such towards the wonders of the world and the FACT of 'impermanence of body, permanence of Faith'-duality. Surely, there are cases within the world where the hypothetical is true if the premises are all true, but one is forgetting the most important caviat .... that of specificity.

Indeed if we take a two premise-hypothetical, one could use the example ... 1: all thieves carry knives 2: thieves are bad people, Hypothetical: all bad people carry knives.

We know this to be not true, we also know that the process can never work to create enough premises to cover the full range of specificities ... indeed it should be posited that the transitions of conciousness not be used so simply, nor that it should be seen as so important if it cannot be utilised in the case of deducing the value of people...

If our noumenal conciousness does not allow for specificity, it can not understand the borders and eccentricities of externalised phenomenal states, thereby making deduction inheritantly useless. As always ... Faith and internal exploration of the apriori can never be replaced by such drawl and dribble that such mindless sycophants of their own nature dare advertise.

<as the script comes to a close, it is replaced by a drawing of a large town with many roads under the light of a full moon, and a blue figure that walks amongst the looming structures within the picture.>

<OOC: Yes I'm fully aware the deductive logic and the Socratic method *have* become the primary motivators of scientific endeavour in the world, but Scythe is writing in a medieval-esque world :P>
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