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« on: September 04, 2012, 03:50:37 am »
A shrill scream pierced through the stillness of the night before being cut short, silence
echoing in its passing. A light shining through the window of a lone house winked out as
it was quickly doused. Light, rapid thumping could be heard as the living occupant rushed
about the interior of the home. Moments of empty silence followed before the night breeze began
rustling through the trees. The sounds of screeching metal was nearly lost in the wind as
the back door slowly creaked open. The shadowed shape of a mans head poked into the moonlight
before disapearing back into the house. Minutes ticked by before the shadow re-emerged, and
began scurrying about the outside of the house shaking its arms rapidly. The figure threw its
arms to the side before freezing as the sound of glass breaking was carried away by the night
air. The figure hunched in a sheltered corner of the home, the a ticking sound carrying lightly
over the breeze as flashes of sparks briefly illuminated the figures corner. The sparks temporarily
faded before bursting to life, rushing around the house instantaneously. Wood began creaking as
the flames hungrily ate away the home. The brilliant flames illuminated the now relieved looking
figure who started the blaze. Taking a deep breath the man turned to leave the scene of his crime
but froze, eyes widening he stared at the tall human who stood illuminated by the fire.

"Hey! What..What do you think you're doin.." The man was cut short as a massive blast of air took
him in the chest throwing him into a large tree. Sliding to the ground in an unconcious heap
the man failed to notice the flames being doused by large blasts of water.

Blinking back to reality the man stood in a densely forested wood, bound to a large tree he
looked around frantically.

"I'm glad you're awake. I worried the cyclone had done more damage than intended."

The bound man looked around in confusion, unable to find the source of the voice, he began
struggling at his bonds in a panic.

"I noticed you use fire to cover hide your evil deeds. It is quiet efficient, fire."

Looking around again for the source of the voice the struggling villian noticed an average
looking human appearing from the treeline. Held in his right hand was a large red rock, in his
left a smaller red rock of similiar shape. "What do you want from me!?"

Without a word the human closed the gap between them, motioning with his hands there was a loud
*POP* as a sword of fire appeared in his right hand. Then another *POP* as a flaming dagger
appeared in his left. With a deft slice the Human cut the mans bonds dropping him from the the
tree with a thump. Staring blankly the human paused, "This is when you run."