Author Topic: An Entertaining Night  (Read 11518 times)

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An Entertaining Night
« on: February 16, 2010, 01:01:05 am »
The old man leaned back in the shadows in his booth. The crowd in the tavern was rowdy, as he preferred, and loud.

"I hope this damned thing works.." he muttered running his fingers over a small glass orb. With his free hand the old man reached for a battered old lute he's had for over 80 years.

"ARE YOU READY TO BE ENTERTAINED!" the old man exclaimed throwing the small glass orb to the floor in front of this table, and jumping nimbly onto the table.  The orb burst into a rainbow flash of colors and made a loud but pleasant, almost musical, noise.

The old man began to play his lute, and sing to the crowd. With no introduction, and not offer of wage. Purely for the change to share the music he had mastered over his many years. Few would have thought that this old man was a Lord. But he is, he is Lord Darius Cardren.
Lord Darius Cardren, Auy'dian of Asteri, Celestine of Mischief