Author Topic: Gold hidden for ten years  (Read 9882 times)

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Gold hidden for ten years
« on: October 22, 2009, 12:18:28 am »
Allalous sat up out of her bed as she woke up. She looked over to her left, watching Demokis sleeping away from her due to the tiny bit of sunlight peeking though the window. Quietly, Allalous gets out of bed, shuts the blinds, and changes into her normal everyday outfit for hunting. Before she does leave the bedroom, Allalous pecks Demokis on his face. The maid nods and hurries around the house cleaning. Allalous rests down, near the fireplace, and slowly being to sharpen both her swords and clean all the rust off of them. She also cleans up Demokis? weapons and places them neatly back in his weapons box along with his casting scrolls and potions.

   ?For a vampire, he sure is messy. Oh well.? Allalous says to herself, locking the weapons box up and hiding the key in its secret place.

After awhile, she walks down the two sets of stairs into the training room to practice. She hears her ten year old daughter, Nitaly, running through the front door and jump onto the love seat. Soon after, she hears her laughing and playing with her tiger cub Toklan who will occasional roar at her playfully. Allalous closes the door and pulls the lever keeping all the practice dummies, weapons, and traps hidden. The walls click click click rapidly until a loud click locks everything in place. She draws out her two training swords and stands in the middle of the room. She closes her eyes, breathing slowly to prepare herself, then steps on a lose floor plate that starts moving everything in the room. A few arrow traps spring out towards her while ice shards shot out from the floor. She quickly dodges then and parries one of the moving wooden dummies coming at her. Allalous? fire blade sets the wooden dummies on fire as her stone sword breaks them all into pieces. She?s parries her sword again, narrowly missing an ice shard, and dashes towards it. Just before she can stab her sword into the locking mechanism to stop the magic ice, a shard cuts her on her face and flies into the black hole where the others were aimed at.
About an hour later of practicing, Allalous puts everything back like it was and walks out of the room. The maid hands Allalous a cool face towel to dry off the sweat from her fighting. She nods, taking the towel and goes to rest in the living room for awhile. Allalous rests down, taking a sip of cold water and listens to the sounds outside. She also cleans the cut from her face so she does not get a scar. Birds chirping, people talking and hurrying about on the street, dogs barking, and the sound of some children laughing, all of these is what Allalous hears. From the next room she can also hear Demokis snoring and tossing about. Allalous calls for her beloved pet, the fire wisp, and stands to her feet. Her wisp floats around her arms then to her back as she opens the door. Allalous takes a step and spies someone running off from her front yard. By her feet, a golden basket lies to the side; a tiny little honey skin hand grasps the pale puce colored blanket. Allalous carefully pick up the basket and walks to the end of her walk way. She looks around for any signs of this child?s parents before she turns and goes back inside. Allalous gently places the basket on the couch she was just sitting on and slowly unwrap the blankets. Inside, she finds a three year old looking pixie drow girl. Allalous bites her lip as the young pixie opens her bright lavender eyes and yawns. Allalous slowly smiles at the young pixie, stroking her golden hair.
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