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The Protagonist
« on: July 16, 2017, 05:42:51 pm »
I am well on my way to becoming a rising star in the halls of Ruatani.
Sylune has surely blessed me this day as I commit my acts to her entirely in
search of atonement for my sins towards Ruatani.  She opened the door and
let me in with open arms even after all I have done to her and one of her
faithful members.  I cannot say how much this means to me as a man who was in
darkness entirely and consumed by demons and tormented day and night for
what I had done to her faithful..  Fallen away and left to the wakes of my
own self-destruction I could not find a way.  Though I begged and pleaded
with Mahrina and the temple elders, they would not have me back.  Consumed
by venom and rage, they said.  Too long on the darkside.  See what happens
when you play with fire?  Referring, of course to my magics and thief-like
abilities..  They would have none of it.  If there were even a chance of my
belonging, even though my background seems a bit on the darkside, it was
gone now and I was left broken and bare and vulnerable to the demonic
attacks that came to me.  Surrender now or by way of shame see yourself
become consumed.  Wrapped up tightly in the shadows embrace..  Guilt, shame,
remorse..  NOOOOO!  I'm SORRY!!  FORGIVE ME!!!  This went on for days. 
Hours became weeks..  Weeks become months..  Pretty soon there was only one
choice left for me to decide..  I had to seek forgiveness with the
clan-members themselves..  And Ruatani..  As a whole..  Perhaps Sylune would
show me more mercy than my unrelenting Mistress Dreamer, Mahrina.  And
surely as I prayed to the gods to make a way for me.  They welcomed me in
with an open embrace.  After my vision quest I began to see things more
clearly.  It was the magic and the bloodrage that got me wrapped up in my
own thoughts..  And forced me into becoming a murderer against my own kind.
Well, now I wish to turn all that over to the night as the hunter settles
in.  May the moon guide my path as I search through the night, unrelenting,
unscathed.  May my eyes see clearly the path that is before me as I continue
down the line in search of nothing more than peace with my soul and to the
 Your Champion has arrived.