Author Topic: An old challenge revisited  (Read 11411 times)

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An old challenge revisited
« on: July 27, 2009, 08:21:56 am »
A lone wanderer walks through the gates of Naerlan, dust falling off his cloak. He raises the brim of his hat slightly and looks down the street. People come and go, running their errands without any interest in him. He smiles faintly, remembering a time when his very name spoken aloud in a town would cause a stir. No, not anymore.
He walks slowly down the street, drinking in the scene. The men, the children, the women. Especially the women. He smiled at a young women carrying flowers past him. She managed only a small smile before hurrying on. He turned and watched her carry on. His instincts served him well, for she turned and look back at him before disappearing around a corner.
His feet started walking once more, following a route they hadn't taken in years. Before he could stop himself he had reached a spire in the middle of the town. A feeling of nostalgia washed over him as he looked upward at the peak.
He pushed the door open wide, hearing the familiar sounds of wine flowing and merryment being had. He sighed out loud as he walked up to the bar.
"Elvish wine, thanks" he asked.
The bartender didn't even look at him, just grabbed a glass and placed it on the bar.
As the wanderer raised the glass to his lip, he noticed an old friend sit down next to him.
"Darius. I wondered when you'd find out I got back into town." he said, not really wondering at all.
Darius smiled faintly before replying.
"With you, Archaeon, its always best to know where you are at all times"
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