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Western Invasion (In Game RP)
« on: October 29, 2012, 12:11:30 am »
This note style Role Play is IN GAME only. If you wish to join in, please log into the game and feel free to do so! :D

Enjoy the read!

[  15] Nalfein: Preperations
Date:   Sun Oct 21 23:47:21 2012
To:     all

The drow captain stood hunched over a massive wooden table, its top covered in
maps, compass' and various other small tools. The map he currently studied
appeared far newer than the rest, its fresh edges still attempting to curl back
into a roll. Pushing the map over and lining another up with its edge the drow
began tracing a finger throught he waters and muttering. Grabbing one of the many
tools that littered the table he began walking a small compass from one point to
another. With a brisk nod he stood, stretching as his began cracked in relief.
With a small shudder and smile the drow left his cabin, yelling at his crew the
moment his door opened.
A large fleet of ships broke the horizing of the aliuna docks, approaching from
the east they quickly closed the distance between themselves and the town.
Familiar sails, marked with the symbol of Elbar began filling the towns large
harbor and many more began setting anchor a few short leagues out from the town.
Smaller boats were lowered from the anchored vessels, as nearly a thousand men
rowed into town and hundreds more poured from the boats filling the harbor.
Seasoned pirates quickly filled the bars and seedier parts of town, even more men
"procured" means of transportation and travelled to the towns of Terrason, Khetes,
Meneth Naur and began tossing the ideas of easy money and cheap thrills into the
Standing behind the helm of a particularly handsom ship anchored at sea, the drow
captain stood watching the town. A confident smirk on his face as he slowly
twirled an ornate compass in his hand.

[  16] Farunan: Dire Warnings
Date:   Mon Oct 22 00:27:13 2012
To:     all

A blue eyed gnome stood at Catch of the Day haggling over the price of
the fish he had caught that morning when gasp of astonishment sounded from
those closer to the docks of Aliuna.  People crowd the docks pointing out to
sea where a large fleet of ships has appeared on the horizon.  The gnome
works his way towards the end of the docks in hopes of getting a better
view, even going so far as to walk between the legs of a gawking giant.  The
gnome spits into the water, watching the ships grow larger on the horizon.
As the ships get closer the marks upon their sails become clear.  Each bears
the symbol of Elbar.  The gnome frowns as he counts the ships; 5, 10, 15,
20, and still they continue to appear over the horizon with no mistaking
their destination.  The gnome looks down at the mark of Cylad that hangs
around his neck.  To watch and record, those were the task he was instructed
to perform.  His gaze returns to the ships.  If he did nothing there was
bound to be serious trouble, already it could be too late to stop whatever
it was the fleet brought with it.  He nods to himself as he turns and pushes
his way through the growing crowd.  He goes first to the Palace of the Eliem
to alert the local government as to what is happening.  He exits the city
from the north gate, knocking a lone rider from his horse and taking the
mount.  The gnome rushes down the caravan road to Terrason to alert the
Titans, then continues west to Elsfar, Barreston, and then south to
Rivendale.  He continues on, passing through Naerlan, not bothering to stop
since there hasnt been a government in place in Naerlan for decades.  He
warns the dwarves of Hagarth and then makes his way to Deltharian to rouse
the elves.  Having warned who he could, he returns to the temple of Cylad
and takes a seat by the River of Time to watch and record, as he was

[  17] Lance: Preparation/Assemblage
Date:   Mon Oct 22 04:58:32 2012
To:     all

The little cloak of a pixie couldnt help but grin through the shadows of his
hood as he watched the galleys pulling in and docking. He sat and watched
for several hours, listening to the drunken comments of passing soon-to-be
Eventually he slowly walked backwards to fall from the roof, and from all
sight, to zip off quietly through the alleys and away from aliuna.
Swooping down through the open window and skimming the railing of the
spiraling staircase he approached the kobold that stood half-asleep, propped up by a broom.
"Jegtar! Rouse your cousins, more gold and loot than they can carry. Have
your uncle visit the Stronghold, same offer to its goblins."
The pixie grinned again before zipping out the window to buzz around Tharel busily..
"Remember that 'cave-in' that went uninvestig-"
"-Yeahyeah.. we'll be there" Muttered a -now- decidedly grumpy dwarf..
"Ohh screw your self-preservation, just lend me as many of your limp-
wristed elves as your treasurer deems necessary"
"You can all either buzz around annoying explorers for no reason.. or you can
do something -truly- annoying for GOLD. Your call, buggers!" He shouted the offer,
and racial-slur, to the trees with a cheeky grin.
The little pixie fluttered in to the crowded orcish mess-tent, fluttering up to
the commanders table and plonking down two bags that spill out glittering gems and thick gold coins.
"'nough said?" He inquired..
The reddish orc grunted, to which the others cheered.
============ ============
Ziping from tower to tower and brandishing riches and promises of
knowledge or power the little buzzer managed to assemble a handful of
robed beings outside the gates of Overlook and, with a few simple words to
each, they started to vanish in pairs.
He glanced around the now empty area with a shrug before slapping the
back of his hand with an old ticket, he too vanishing from sight.
The little pixie appeared in the middle of some not-so dense forest and,
finding himself a shady perch, sat still to wait.. for several days.. only the
occasional buzzing of his wings hinting at his boredom..
Eventually the first shimmer of air appeared, through which came a familiar
rattish-face followed by a stream of dodgily equipped kobolds.
"Rhokar! How fares BogRock?" Asked the pixie as he zipped up to the small,
though still comparatively large, creature for an awkward hug.
"LittleBastard!" Exclaimed the kobold-chieftan, hugging the pixie as best he
could without breaking him, "Ah, still smells worse'n a goblin with'rrruns, but-"
"Th'so, mutt? Ker t'say'tgin?" Both turned to see a lavishly dressed goblin
approaching from another shimmer in the air, a swarm of goblins assembling behind him.
"With pleshah, toad.. ." The kobold and goblin locked eyes, glaring at each other, but it quickly slipped into broad gri
Soon enough other gates opened and smaller quantities of much larger
creatures began to shamble through them, occasionaly a gate would close
just to reopen and have a tired mage stagger through, before continuing the stream of "mercenaries".
"And of the locals?" Asked a fairly generic looking dwarf, breaking the silence of the main tent.
"We have to wait.."

[  18] Taliesin: the old duergar
Date:   Mon Oct 22 08:18:31 2012
To:     all

the door sings wide open as the old duergar steps inside, the centaurs fist
looks as cold and unfriendly as it usaly does, The old stone walls barely
holding the roof up with the large pieces of mortar constantly breaking off.
the old duergar sits down at the bar and signals the keeper.
"The usual Talandst, I need to get sloshed".
the bar keeper sighs, shaking his head as he pulls out a mysterious bottle of
yellow liquid and carefully pours it into a shotglass, the fumes alone
were enough to immediately kill the poor passing fly who decided to land next
to it.
as the old duergar slams the shot down, a band of pirates fly into the tavern!
"Your GOLD OR Your LIFE!" sceams the largest one, clearly he was the leader
of the group.
the old duergar remains at the bar with his back faceing the pirates, a tear in
his eye... Damn that yellow liquid is good he thinks to him self as the largest
pirate walks upto him
the old duergar has little choice then to sit on his bar stool, still stunned
by the potency of the yellow liquid yet some how manages to slur out some
inchorent words.
"Yerrgle flaffle Neenar! blop Nar Ner frummble!"
the large pirate looks confused for a second, looks back at his band of men
before bursting into a fit of roaring laughter!
"This one's a complete launatic! Boys! rob this old duergar blind!"
the smallest pirate of the band plucks up the courage to confront the old
duergar, this was his chance to prove him self, putting his hand on the shoulder
of the old one he is suddenly sent through the south window, landing on walk of
"What in Elbar's name?!"
Finally the duergar had appeared to have regained some control over his body,
he stands up to face the largest of the pirates, allmost falling over in the process!
apparently he had not regained the ability to speak yet. the pirates once again
burts into laughter! as the largest one puts his hand aroud the old duergars throate
one handedly lifting him into the air.
"I dont know how you managed to send my man out the window but your finished now
old one!"
the old duergar starts to laugh, between the sounds of him choaking and gasping
for air as the pirates grip becomes tighter. The old duergar starts to black out
from the lack of breaths, yet he manages to mutter out a few small words.
The explosion was heard from as far away as barreston, the mushroom cloud of dust
was seen from as far as terrason.

as the dust settles only rubble, debre` and bloodied corspes remain of the once
centaurs fist, with no sign what so ever of the old duergar!

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Re: Western Invasion (In Game RP)
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2012, 12:13:40 am »
[  19] Talandst: The Centaurs Fist!
Date:   Mon Oct 22 09:09:25 2012
To:     all

The once great Centaurs fist no longer stands!
I managed to escape the explosion that leveled the building
yet I still have no idea what happend in the first place.
I wasnt able to find any other survivers, to be honest i coudlnt
be bothered looking, they were all drunks anyway.

[  20] Farunan: A passing....
Date:   Mon Oct 22 17:04:29 2012
To:     all

A blue eyed gnome bangs on the door seperating the Temple of Cylad from
the room containing the River of Time.  "You have to let me out!  There are
too many for him to take on his own!!"  The gnome screams at the door.
Xe'zanith, master of the temple, stands outside the door and responds "You
have brought this on yourself little one, you were told to watch and record,
to play no part in the events to come and yet you went and spread word of
the coming."  The gnome leans back against the door and slides down to the
floor in exhaustion.  Slowly he makes his way back to the River afraid of
what he will see in it's debths.  As he gazes at the dark waters a vision of
the Centaur's Fist comes into focus, some big brute has the old duergar by
the neck dangling him off the floor.  A flash of bright light forces the
gnome to look away, and as he looks back, all he sees is ruins.  Nothing
moves in the rubble that was once the centaurs fist.  With tears in his
eyes, he brings out his black leather bound book and records a date in the
left column.  Besides the date he writes "On this dark day, the old duergar
known as Taliesin passes from the realm of Tharel...." 

[  21] Nalfein: Travels
Date:   Mon Oct 22 20:41:56 2012
To:     all

The streets of aliuna were packed as cutthroats, thieves, back alley thugs
milled together with out of work men and fortune seekers. The crowd grew ever
thicker the closer it came to the docks as men pushed to reach the boats. A trail
of rafts, four abreast - two loaded with men, two with supplies made a steady line
to massive fleet of ships.
Standing behind the helm of his ship, telescope to his eye the Drow watched the
city of Aliuna fill to its brim, and begin to empty just as quickly. The sun
setting to his side, the captain waited until the last of his ships pulled from
the harbors of Aliuna before setting his crew into action.
Almost as one the fleet raised anchor, dropped sail and moved away from the town,
leaving it unharmed and slightly richer.
The drow stood in his cabin, surrounded by strange looking men and women. Of
various races they all bore a strange resemblance. Their skin, no matter the base
color, all had a tint of blue. They had a very damp appearance and what hair they
had, depending on the race, all looked closer to sea weed than hair.
Tracing a route with his fingers, the drow outlined their course to the group
that surrounded him. No questions were asked, the crowd of blue tinted creatures
simply nodded and followed the drows hands with their eyes.
"Now you know. Back to your ships, before they forget how to sail." A loud,
rapid succession of popping was heard as the water witches disapeared from the
A young boy sat on a log, his legs splashing as the gentle waves of the western
ocean as he stared out to sea - dreams of great adventures and daring do flashing
through his mind. Slashing his arm through the air like a sword the boy clipped a
branch of the log he sat on. Shrieking in pain the boy leapt into the air and
stood glaring at the offending branch, sucking on the palm of his hand at the same
time. The sound of high winds brought the boys attention back to the western
ocean, the sound grew louder as the seas grew rougher. Holding his hand up to
shield himself from the wind watched the strange change of weather before noticing
a large ship racing across the horizon, then another, and another and soon large
clusters were appearing. Soon the entire horizon was covered in sails, eyes wide
the boy could do nothing but stare as the huge fleet of ships came into view, and
disapeared again.

[  22] Zephyra: Joining the Fleet
Date:   Mon Oct 22 23:50:41 2012
To:     All

The human woman giggled as she poked the kid in the forehead again,
holding his fishing pole above his head. "Not until you ask nicely."
"Oh bug off ya old hag and gimme my pole!" He took a swing, the human
laughing as she leans back to avoid the punch. She quickly leans forward
again to poke him in his forehead once more.
"You scuzzy bro-" The child's insult was cut off as his brown eyes
widened, staring at the estuary behind the tormenting woman.
"Hmm?" She turns her head, looking back over her shoulder to see a
large fleet of ships passing down the river and into the ocean. She
straightens with a look of astonishment. "Oh hey!" A bright smile
spreads acrossed her lips.
"See ya kid!" She tosses the pole to the bewildered boy, wiggling
her fingers to raise a portal. She hops into it giggling and
disappearing from view.
Stepping into the ship's cabin through the portal, the young human
woman of Elbar quickly curtseys.
"Captain," She smiles at the swaggering Drow, falling into a short
fit of giggles. "I want to join in on whatever it is you are up to.
That is, of course, if you need a hand."
At the last, she raises her hands and a zap of electricity shoots
from one to the other. She squeals and does it again before clasping
her hands behind her back bashfully.
"Sorry... Excited."

[  24] Nalfein: New Arrivals
Date:   Tue Oct 23 00:42:36 2012
To:     all

Spinning a small gold chain between his forefinger and thumb, the Drow watched
the small compass at its end. There was a loud pop as a portal opened in the
center of the cabin. Dropping the compass into his lap the Drow cocked his head
slightly and stared over the top of his boots at the portal. A buxom young human
bounced out, closing the portal behind her and giggling out a greeting.
The drow smiled toothily at Zephyra, "I've just the job for a pretty thing
like you."
Nodding towards the twitching Gnome that was inching from the shadows and ever
closer to the woman, "Take the gnome to that barbadians altar and entertain
yourself with the guards."
Turning his attention to the gnome, Nalfein tried stopping a grin "You
remember Rauul, get him. I don't care how."

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Re: Western Invasion (In Game RP)
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2012, 12:15:19 am »
[  25] Zephyra: Leaving on a Mission
Date:   Tue Oct 23 01:09:01 2012
To:     All

"Oh Twitchy!" Squeals Zephyra as she scoops him up into her arms,
squeezing tightly. "We shall have some fun, yes?" She sets him back
down and raises a portal, winking at the Drow and pretending to
tip an invisible hat. "We shan't disappoint, oh Captain, my Captain."
She backs to the portal before turning. Lifting a foot, she lifts her
chin with a beaming smile and closed eyes, she leans forward to
step into it. A sharp, short shriek escapes her lips as she falls
through and a splash is heard.
The human woman sits pouting in about three halfling heads of
ocean water, looking up at the portal waiting for the gnome.

[  26] Footrot: No more waiting!
Date:   Tue Oct 23 02:38:59 2012
To:     all

The twitchy gnome hadnt really been informed on what was unfurling, he didnt really need to
know, so long as he suspected there'd be fighting.. and with that many pirates, he knew there
would be. He had been ushered onto the flagship by the distracted captain with little warning,
and found himself spending most of the days sitting off to the side of the captains quarters,
listening to him bark orders and prattle on about preparations to various crew mates, and
several vile blue-women.
It was during an exceptionally uneventfull day that the gate appeared, interupting Footrot from
boredly watching the trinket the captain so often plays with. His eyes widened and he slipped
from the bench, shuffling slowly towards the familiar humaness. Finding himself caught in her
arms he did little but twitch until well after she had set him down, the pat on the head somewhat
settling his spasms. He smiled a twitchy smile as the human was given her orders, and then
beamed a twitching-grin at the captain when told of his own fun.
The gnome watched the giggling human step through the rippling air.. frowing at the shriek and
splash before stepping through it, trying not to think of where it might wind up.
He found himself half swimming as he splashed down into the water from the apparently poorly
placed gate and, after struggling to continue for quite a while, he tugged on the humans dress. He
mumbled something quietly to her, looking as sheepish as one struggling to swim could.

[  27] Zephyra: On A Mission!
Date:   Tue Oct 23 02:46:35 2012
To:     All

OOC: Location of manor has purposefully be left out in respect
of the owner.
Giggling, Zephyra reaches down and plucks the little gnome from
the salt water to set him on her shoulder(s).
Muttering an incantation, the soggy Zephyra slowly rises up out
of the water her balance wavering as if on a tight-rope. Being
sure that the gnome is securely perched, the human begins her
quick, though awkward, progress over the ocean waters.
Soon the two come upon a jungle oasis, quiet and secluded. Landing
on a sandy shore, Zephyra plucks the gnome from her shoulder
and sets him down. She heads back to the waters edge and begins
to walk into it, speaking nonchalantly all the while, "I will
call to the guards, Twitchy, as if I am in distress. I will
claim being lost and disoriented. You shall be hiding in the brush
and when they come into this clearing, you will run to the
manor. Surely it won't be hard for you to find?"
She turns and smiles before quickly dunking herself. "If worse
comes to worse...." She returns to the shore and removes her
flail as well as some of her traveling items, stuffing them
into a hollow log. "I will kill them. Now, go hide."
She grins happily, sopping wet, before throwing herself to
the ground and letting out a long, loud wail of despair.

[  28] Footrot: Retrieval/Fun
Date:   Tue Oct 23 03:26:36 2012
To:     all

The patchwork-robed gnome sat as quiet as his twitching would allow him, hiding in some
bushes beside the path. Sure enough the wails of the damsel in distress roused the guards
from the slumberish-watch and sent them running towards the water. A few moments after
they passed him Footrot scurried out of the bushes and away down the path. His speed was
fast, at first, but the deeper into the lagoonish jungle he got the slower he went, starting to
stare around in awe. Eventually he snapped himself out of it and continued allong, eventually
confront buy a large, ivy covered door. Grumbling and twitching he scampered up, climbing
the vines to reach the handle, hanging off it till it clicked open. He dropped and wedged his
way between the doors, peering around.
The gnome and the lazing-human-lad caught sight of each other at about the same time,
locking eyes they stared until the teen bit down on the grape he had only just prior
popped into his mouth. Footrot lunged forward, left hand gripping the couch to fling
himself up, bouncing off of it to launch at the kid with a glowing blue fist. Smacking him
square in the face and landing on his chest he forced both of them to topple off the couch.
Which a quick mutter and either good look or surprisingly good aim the gnome launched the
human through the air with a blast of magic-missiles, right through the door. The gnome
himself was launched into a wall but he quickly scrabbled to his feet and out the
door. Walking up the barely conscious human the gnome gave him a feint smile then a swift

kick to the side of the head.
The robed gnome waved to the wet female in the distance as he awkwardly dragged the
unconscious body of Rauul behind him.

[  29] Zephyra: Success?
Date:   Tue Oct 23 03:38:13 2012
To:     All

Two human men come racing from the jungle up the shoreline to stop and
look up and down it.  When they spot the "wounded" Zephyra, they holler and
begin running toward her. 
"Help me!" She cries out, struggling to get to her feet and stumble
toward them. She loses her balance and falls to the sand, beginning
to cry. The men reach her, one removing their cloak to put it
around her shoulders, the other maneuvering her to lean her against
a hollowed log. "Oh thank you kind sirs..."
"How the heck did you get all the way out here, lady?" The heftier
of the two asked, sitting down on the log with a groan.
"I.. I haven't any idea.." She whimpers in return, looking up at
the other who is still standing. "I... I don't remember anything..."
The sitting man sighs, getting to his feet to help her stand. "Well
lucky for you, miss, we have a kind mistress. We'll take you to her
"Ah... Graiz?" The slimmer of the two cleared his throat, motioning
with his head to move away from her. "Can I have a word with you
over here...?"
The two took a few strides off to the shore. While they are distracted
conversation, Zephyra lowers to slip her flail from the log to under
the cloak. She smiles to herself as she walks toward them.
Lifting her hand she casts weaken on both before giving each a
sharp *THWACK* on the back of the head. The heftier one fell like
a tree in the forest while the slender one fell into her. Holding
him with one arm, she lowers to a kneeling position, sliding her
arm up to the back of his neck.
"Have a peaceful sleep..." With a gentle kiss on the forehead,
she lays him to rest on the sand.
Quickly she jumps to her feet and begins to sing happily as she
dances toward the hollowed log to collect her things. "Oooooh
Twitchy, Twitchy, Twitchy, where art thou? Ye little twitch, twitch,
Twitchy!" She spins with her arms stretched wide before she spies a
struggling object up the beach. She stops, arms falling limply
at her sides as she studies her. Her head tilts slowly to the
side before a small grin begins to broaden on her face.

Squealing, she claps her hands gleefully and hops over the large
fallen man. Running up the beach, she slides to a stop to bend
down and smile at Footrot. "Little Twitchy, are you finding
dragging a body awkward?" She grins before raising a portal.
She plucks the gnome from the ground and places him on her shoulder,
scooping the unconcious boy into her arms and jumping through the
shimmering gate with a 'Teehee!'.
In the cabin, Zephyra awkwardly holds up the form of the boy.
"Lookit what Footsie caught for you." She beams broadly as she
sets Rauul on the ground as well as the gnome. She drops to her
knees, ignoring the rest of the room and it's occupants as she
curiously pokes the sleeping boy's cheek, waiting for him to wake.

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Re: Western Invasion (In Game RP)
« Reply #3 on: October 29, 2012, 12:17:26 am »
[  32] Azak: A little mischief amongst the clouds.
Date:   Tue Oct 23 22:44:01 2012
To:     all

Azak lazes along, floating on a cloud watching the land of Tharel pass
below him as the day drifts by.  He is just about to return to his throne
when he catches sight of a large fleet of ships.  With a single thought he
hides himself from mortal eyes and sweeps down on the unsuspecting ships to
see what so many are up too.  As he approaches he notices the mark of Elbar
on each of the sails.  His interest peaked, he moves closer to the ships
examining the bunch of pirates and thugs that crowd the decks of each.
"Well Elbar, it seems our followers are about to make us proud" he muses to
himself.  He continues to follow the ships along when he has a brilliant
idea.  "These ships will move much faster with a stronger wind at their
backs" he thinks to himself.  Closing his eyes and concentrating the powers
bestowed on him by Elbar, he summons a great storm of twisters and sets them
loose just behind the fleet.  "That should get them where they are going
quicker" he says to himself as he changes direction and heads for home. 

[  33] Zephyra: Storm!
Date:   Tue Oct 23 23:52:12 2012
To:     All

Zephyra stops poking the unconcious human in the cheek.  Quickly she
lifts her head like an alert praerie dog, looking toward the back of the
cabin where large paned windows sat.  She slowly looks up at Nalfein with a
bright, beaming smile. 
"There's a storm giving chase to your fleet, Captain." She rises
to her feet. "You might have lost a couple of ships by now. But!"
She claps her hands twice up at the side of her head. "I'll take
care of it!"
Giggling gleefully she raises up a portal, stepping through it onto
the tossing deck of a large cargo ship. "Eep!" She is thrown to the
side, latching onto a broad beam of wood before she can be tossed
over board.
"REY LAAAADY!" A man shouts from the torrents of pummelling rain and
wind. "What in Elbar's undershorts are ye doin' heeere?!"
"PLAAAAYIN'!" She replies, letting go of the railing and daring to
step away. The water spouts were large, and still a fair enough
distance away to not put the ship in danger, yet. Though the power
of the storm was beyond any simple spell casting of her own, she knew
that the sea witches aiding the Captain would be trying to combat
the storm as well.
Already they had been quelled a bit, enough that only the remnants
of possibly two ships were scattered about. Tying a rope about her
waist and to the mass, Zephyra begins to chant the incantations
for calming storms. Hopefully all of their effort would be worthwhile.

[  36] Nalfein: The First Ransack
Date:   Thu Oct 25 01:16:16 2012
To:     all

The Drow barely had a chance to express his feelings about the condition of the
cabin boy before the cadence of the wind changed. The Elbarians, almost as one,
looked to the sky and listened intently. The dark haired woman bounced up from
poking the prone figure of the boy, squeeling happily she began summoning a
gate. Almost as an afterthought she volunteered to calm the skies before
disapearing with a pop.
A mage stood beside the captains table, his hands moving constantly as he
summoned one pirate in and sent another out. With each arriving sailor the
Captain would give a short, precise order before turning to the next arrival.
cThe day drew on into night, the raging storm battled back with minimal
casualties. The ships raced on, drawing ever near the first part of their
destination. As the last sailor disappeared from view with a magical pop, the
mage collapsed into a chair beside the Captains desk. Massaging his hand, his
eyes hagard looking he needed to the drow before utter a final incantation and
disapearing like the rest.

A large, black mass of clouds covered the full moon above the sea-town of
Swanson, enveloping the town in a blanket of darkness. A howling of galeforce
winds could be heard in the distance, but only briefly. Silence now remained,
only the lapping of the ocean and the creak of docked boats could be heard.
Blinded by the sudden change of natural lighting, a portly man bumped into the
edge of a nearby bench. Catching the thick wooden corner with his shin the man
dropped to the ground grasping his leg and hissing through his teeth. As the
pain subsided the man noticed a change in the sounds of the harbor. The hissing
of ropes echoed through the harbor, a low, rumbling murmer of what could almost
be voices seemed to carry through the air aswell. Straining his eyes to see
through the darkness the man thought he could almost make out the outlines of
small boats docking. A particularly large patch of "to dark" space drew his
attention, focusing on it he strained his senses to try and decipher what he was
or wasn't seeing.
A silent flash of lightning lit the sky briefly, illuminated a boistrously
dressed drow, standing on the prow of a large raft. His big feathered hat tipped
back, as the drow stared at the sky, his mouth moving silently. The portly man
shook his head furiously as darkness re-engulfed the harbor. Rubbing his eyes in
disbelief he stood, grabbing the bench for support.
Thunder rolled as another flash of lightning lit the sky. Every inch of the
beach was covered in a silent, unmoving mass of sailors. In their middle, atop
the prow of his raft the Drow began to howl in some forgotten and unholy
language. The ground began to shake, slow at first but quickly increasing in
intensity and power knocking the portly man to the ground. Darkness enveloped
the harbor once again, but the shaking only grew more intense. The howling of
the drow also increased in volume and power before being joined by a new, far
more terrifying noise. The sound of earth being ripped asunder. A red glow lit
the night as a crack formed in the earth, starting at the beach it quickly
spread into the center of town, the glowing red light increasing in brightness
until the whole town was bathed in a fiery red glow.
The screaming of the townspeople was heard only briefly as the volcanic roar of
magma exploding from the earths core drowned them out. Molten lava rolled into
the village of swanson, melting a large path of destruction. The silent mass of
pirates erupted into a roar as they began swarming the town.

[  37] Zephyra: Rammy!
Date:   Thu Oct 25 17:37:30 2012
To:     All

The farther the ships sailed from the twisters the calmer the casters
became.  The spinning cylinders had already lost most of their gusto and
with the added affects of the witches' spells, there wasn't much hope for
the twisters to continue.  Leaning against the mast with her back, she
slides down it into a slouching position, her head in her hands.  Fighting
such a ferocious storm would take its wear on anyone, she could only wonder
how the sea witches had faired. 
Not long after the torrents of opposing winds ceased, the deck started
bustled and she was prodded in the arm.
"We're landin' shortly." The man who had hollered at her when she
first arrived said gruffly. "With the state yer in ye'd be a fine fit
for a boo-hag."
"Oh hardy, har, har." Zephyra growled with a smirk, accepting his
proffered hand to rise to her feet. She works to loosen the knot about
her waist and let the rope drop to the deck. She begins to straighten
the bell-sleeves of her leinne, speaking nonchalantly. "Though frightening
children should not be glazed over as a past time..."
They shared another laugh or two before the captain of the vessel arrived
scowling. "You two quit yer lolly-gagging!" He barked. This caused Zephyra
to stop mid-laugh, turning now-curious green eyes upon his face. She takes
a step closer, furrowing her brow and leaning towards him. The man,
obviously confused by the sudden change in attitude and expression,
leans away from her advancement.
"What happened to your face?" She asks innocently.
I.." He furrows his brow before becoming blustered. "The abyss ye need
to know?! Get off my ship!"
She grins, raising her fingers and wiggling them. The captain almost
expected to catch fire, not noticing the shimmering gate rising up
behind him. He begins to laugh, cut short as she shoves him backward
through the gate. Quickly closing it, she raises her arms triumphantly
above her head.
"THIS IS MY SHIP NOW!" She shouts. "So..." She walks to the stern,
bracing her hands on the railing to look at the distant shoreline. She
turns around to face the confused, as well as intrigued, men on the
decks. She raises her hands with a smile. "Shall we make an entrance,
A cheer rose up from the crowd, men already heading for the boats to
head to shore.
"No, no, no!" She said quickly, waving her hands as she dashes toward
the back of the ship and up a set of steps to the bridge deck. "Silly
men," The grin on her face grew as she bumped the navigator to the side,
taking hold of the helm. "WE RAM THE SHORES!!"
A silence of confusion washes over the deck before one man let's out
a loud "E-YAAAAA!!", the rest joining in unison. Beaming at the crowded
deck below her, the successful psychopath laughs gleefully as she
hops up and down.
The former captain of the newly named 'Rammy' ship arrives on the
other side of the gate in the middle of a herd of sailors surging
toward the village. Obviously he has been forcefully demoted.

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Re: Western Invasion (In Game RP)
« Reply #4 on: October 29, 2012, 12:19:11 am »
[  38] Lance: An impatient night..
Date:   Thu Oct 25 19:03:06 2012
To:     all

A tiny shadow seemed unaturally still as the chaotic destruction spread across
the unprepared town of Swanson, fire and pirates surging the streets alike, war-
cheers spreading the word of oncoming death. It didnt seem to take long for it all
to finish but before it did survivors could be seen fleeing the burning villiage into
the forests, along with a few of the more bloodthirsty pirates.. affter a cargo-ship
in the distance somewhat veered off course, the shadow slinked off and away
from the town.
The survivors ran as best they could through the forests, some of them
screaming in terror as the pursuing pirates drew near, but as the trees began to
block swanson from all view they soon found themselves running from nothing
but fear, eventually slowing to pant a bit, small groups of terrified villiages forming
here and there. A halfling seemed to step out of nowhere and walk to between
two of these small groups. Along the forest several other halflings approched the
groups in much the same manner, and all relayed the same message. "People of
Swanson, our sympathies for your loss. We have set up a temporary refugee
camp for your needs, If you will follow us." Each halfling gave a polite bow and
began to slowly walk deeper into the forests. The refugees had little else to do
but follow nervously.
The tiny pixie zipped up to the slowly filling camp, nodding at its progress before
zipping into the makeshift command tent. Landing on the map covered table he
peered around at the assembled leaders, "Are we ready?"
The assembled races all gave nods, salutes or grins of confirmation. Grinning back
at them, the pixie nodded, "Then have the foresters take their position, shouldnt
be long now."

[  39] Zephyra: Cargo Ship
Date:   Fri Oct 26 21:53:12 2012
To:     All

The "Rammy" continued it's quick pursuit to the shores of Swanson, a
crazed Elbarite woman behind the helm.  Shouting with pride, the men of the
ship can only watch helplessly as their ship is run aground onto the
boardwalk of Swanson.  Running to the edge of the ship nearest Nalfein's
boat, she waves happily with a wide smile. 
"I brought the supplies!!"

[  40] Nalfein: The road
Date:   Fri Oct 26 23:49:44 2012
To:     all

Nalfein smiled faintly, a bead of sweat running down his face as he nodded at
the bubbly human. Stepping back with a slight waver before leaning against the
bulwarks of the raft for support. The spell had drained the drow greatly and he
needed rest. Nodding to the mage who remained behind they disapeared, magically
transported back to the Mystiq.
The ransacking happened with quick efficiency. Villagers who failed to escape
the sudden torrent of violence were cut down by swarms of pirates. Women were
captured and ushered to the ships for the slave trade. Valuables from gold, fine
fabrics to spices and fine liquors were loaded onto cargo ships aswell.
As day began to break the smokey horizon, the pirates began massing near the
edge of the forests, facing south and west. The Drow captain walked before the
line of trees and sailors, pacing up and down the line he began praising them
for their excellent work in the town of Swanson. The Drow then laid his plans
out before the men, announcing his plans to taken Kallenpesh palace. Coming to a

standstill in the center of the mass the Drow gestured to the woods, "Now cut me
a road!"
Men set to work, cutting a path into the forest. Axes and saws cut furiously as
large trees fell. Underbrush was burned and removed, logs carelessly thrown the
the side of the path. Mages blazed the ground to clear it of stumps and harden
the dirt. Progress was slow but steady, as the men began forcing a path to
Kallenpesh Castle.
Sitting in the cabin of the Mystiq, Nalfein calmly examined his maps, nodding to
himself occasionally.

[  41] Lance: The First Ambush
Date:   Sun Oct 28 01:53:43 2012
To:     all

The forest rippled with frightened movement as the pirtes began their path of
destruction, birds flocking out of the trees, shadows skittering between the
undergrowth until all that was left was the thudding of axes and crackling
of fires. They were relentless in their endeavour, their mass of numbers
allowing constant shift switching to work nonstop, at night working by the l
ight of flickering torches and flaming bushes. It was as such for the
next for days and all the while the dark forest on both sides of their path was
eerily still..
The pixie muttered at the recent scouts report but quickly shook the annoyance a
way. "The plan remains the same, more or less. Have the bigg'ns retreat and send word
 to the scavengers, tell them to spread out accordingly."
The elven-scout nodded and headed off to spread the orders.. the pixie resumed his
pacing of the table-top.
"Ye fear th'outcome?" Asked the old-dwarf across the table from him.
The pixie shook his head, "Not of this one.. ", and with that he resumed his pacing.

With the path completed the army began its south-west march, piling in thickly a
long the ash-flecked road. It wasnt until the foremost pirates neared the end of
the trail that the eastern most forest came alive, pixies bursting from the
treetops nearby to swoop down, stabbing and slicing at necks then darting off
into the trees on the other side.  Pirates shouted and swung wildly, their attention
barely drawn in one direction when glints of silver shot out from the other, pirates
falling to their knees. The few "higher-up" raiders started barking orders, as they
did the pixies came again, so too did the blades.
Panic struck their allready disorganised ranks but the pixies and blades swarmed
 the paths opening, cutting a large portion off from retreat, forcing them onwards.
Most surged forward, a few of the angered pirates, however, chased revealed-throwers
into the forest, quickly losing sight of them and running into awaiting blades.
There was a loud, and blatantly fake, bird-screech then some running pirates toppled
to crude spears. Even as they were falling, kobolds and goblins swarmed from both
sides of the path, lining it from start to end and crushing the pirates between two walls
of odd-angled death. Kobolds and goblins scrabbled and jumped over the top of each other
to stab, whack and slash at anything bigger than them. The pirates kicked at their
attackers, smashed fists into little faces and ran some through with swords but it all
happened so quickly.. and from all directions.. there was little they could do, they
could barely flee without tripping over corpses or kobolds. Those near the western
opening tried to flee through the fields but were met with well-aimed arrows from
the few elven-scouts hidden on the border.

The pirates had fought back as best they could under the confusing circumstances
but when it had all settled the path was littered with their corpses, and just a few
of the small-ambushers. Devoid of animals and movement, all that could be heard in the
forest were the few feint moans of those not quite dead..

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Re: Western Invasion (In Game RP)
« Reply #5 on: November 13, 2012, 06:09:34 am »
[  45] Nalfein: A response.
Date:   Thu Nov  1 20:23:05 2012
To:     all

A small swarm of eager new comers burst rank after the Captains speech, surging
down the newly cut road. The Drow turned, watching the men charge carelessly
down the path disapearing from view. A few mages and higher ranking pirates
stepped beside the Drow, watching as the last man vanished from sight.
Exchanging glances with one another the small army waited in silence as the
charging swarms triumph yells suddenly changed to shrieks of surprise and
terror. With a large grin, the Drow turned to the nearest soldiers, raising his
hands palms up and noding slightly, "Ehh?" The soldiers began laughing
hysterically as the Captain turned to the mage nearest him.
"Burn it down."
The mage blinked in surprise, "All of it?"
The Drow nodded, making a sweeping gesture to the woods with his arm, "To
the ground."
Staring at the captain for a moment the mage nodded and began to concentrate,
soon the rest of the army's mages were appearing through magical gates. As one
the group turned to the wide expanse cut through the forest, raising their hands
to the sky the air began to grow thick with concentrated magic. The centermost
mage lowered his arms, one had facing the forest, the other drawing a small
flint from a robe pocket. Throwing the flint forward a tiny flame burst into
existance, the rest of the mages lowered their arms to the forest as the tiny
flame lengthened and grew before the mages. The length of fire began to change
color from the center out, turning a brilliant white. As the bar of flame
finished its transformation a huge wave of fire shot forth, instantly enveloping
the treetops in towering flames. The fire raced down the wooded path, trees
exploding as their sap became superheated. The army seemed moved back slightly
as the flames grew larger and hotter, spreading into the forest at frightening
Laughing hysterically, the Drow happily approached the small group of mages.
Their jobs complete they stood in tight formation supporting one anothers
weight. Throwing his hands onto the shoulders of two nearby mages, the captain
grinned broadly, "Good thing you've got apprentices" turning slightly to
the army with a sweep of his hand "because now we fireproof the masses."
A unified sigh escaped the mages.

[  52] The King of Elsfar: Reinforcements from Elsfar
Date:   Mon Nov 12 21:47:47 2012
To:     all

Stroking his beard slowly, the King of Elsfar thinks about the events
weighing heavily upon his mind.  He glances over the scrawled note again,
nodding at the figure who delivered it. 
"He can expect troops as quickly as possible. They will have to travel
by boat, though. We are having our own problems here and I can not risk
sending my mages to a slaughter."
The figure bows to the king, expressing his appreciation. "I shall
return to Duke Lance and inform him of your decision."
With that, the messenger turned upon his heal and strode out the door.
The king turned a weary face upon the near by advisor. "Four ships and a
fifth to carry supplies. Send them south upon the shores of the Western
Continent. Stoggle has visited the area and created maps of it. Have him
deliver them to the captains. Pray to Barbades that they make it there
The advisor nods, quickly leaving to deliver orders.

Ships fully stocked with soldiers and supplies set sail from the docks
of Southern Barreston, heading west across the ocean toward the Western
Upon sighting the shores, the fleet heads south, with intentions to port
near the Pixies stronghold, Sandcastle. From there, they would sneak south
through the forest to meet up with the Pixie Duke and his men.
Little did they know that not only did the Drow Captain leave manned ships
within Swanson Harbor, but also along the shores of the Western continent.
A battle between fleets ensued. That of Elsfar were prepared for battle
inland and not at sea, quickly becoming the under dogs in the battle with the
well-seasoned sailors. The captain of the flag ship quickly turned to his
First Mate.
"To the supply vessel with you! Head back to the Kingdom and spread word of
the Elbarite's spread across the western shores." He looks to the shores.
"We will see if we can make it to shore. The Duke will have to deal with a
lack of supplies from us."
The First Mate nods, stepping through a gate to arrive on the supply ship,
which was already beginning to head back north.
One ship of soldiers were down, two able to access the shore with some
cassualties. The pirates suffered as well, some daring to follow onto land
only to be cut back by the skilled soldiers of the king.
"GET WHAT YOU CAN AND INTO THE FOREST MEN!" Captain Osgerd of the flag ship crie

[   0] Some Villages: More Reinforcements
Date:   Mon Nov 12 22:28:30 2012
To:     All

Connerty and Tiny Rapids find that it is their duty to send
troops in the aid of those trying to defend the Western Continent
from the pirate attack. They send many, but only half are able
to make it to the rendezvous at Sandcastle with their lives.
Heading into the forest, they follow the directions of pixie
scouts after the Soldiers of Elsfar. Unknowing of just what
might lie before them, they avoid going anywhere near the
village of Swanson. Many of their own family members resided
there, and knowing their fate might waver the soldiers from
their goals.

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Re: Western Invasion (In Game RP)
« Reply #6 on: November 18, 2012, 04:03:31 am »
[   4] Lance: A hinderance
Date:   Tue Nov 13 01:51:38 2012
To:     all

As the flames burst through the forest so too did a flurry of surprised movement, spreading out like ripples
of panic.. the shadowlings and flutterers flitting back as quick as they could, the majority avoiding harm but
none of them able to fight back through the fire, finding themselves retreating back to the makeshift camp
and simply watching the forest fall..

"He what?!"
"He set fi-" Started the scout again but was cut off by an annoyed wave of the pixies hand.
"Have the kobolds assist the dwarves- AND-" He continued before a nearby dwarf could interupt, "Tell the
stubs that if they protest, their mead will nourish the plants. Goromdir, Elaffet, we visit the quicklings."
"Baron! Visitors at the gates, they request your presence." Blurted the quickling through the barons tree
house door. Assembling his royal-guard, and donning his official dress, the old quickling wandered through
the streets of his little village and out the opening gates. There he was confronted by a royal looking elf and
an ever-grinning dwarf, with a little cloak on his shoulder. The dwarf took a step forward, as he did the cloak
pulled back its hood, its yellowish face emerging through the shadows, the glowing blue-hues dulling to
reveal ordinary blue eyes. The pixie gave a rather immaculate bow from his perch, "Your quickness, Western
Tharel needs your banner."

Lacking a pixie, the Baron, elf and dwarf were seen approaching Kallenpesh Palace.. and again later,
accompanied by the Kallenpesh king, stepping through a shimmer of air..
As the pirates emerged from the burning forest they were confronted by an empty field, in the middle of
which stood a sign of rediculous proportions stating clearly:

Perched on this sign, with an almost challenging grin, was the little pixie. The pirates milled about nervously,
unsure of what to do until some of the bigger crew-mates urged them forward, shouting about lies and
tricks. The front of their columns pushed forward, the hills carrying their war cries.. before carrying their
shouts of surprise.. the groups breaking to retreat in panic as sections of the squads dissapeared in the
ground, their shouts muffled as the ground engulfed them. And so the pirates stood warily in the presumed
safety of the forests edge.. all glaring at the mocking pixie, who was struggling to hold back laughter.