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Problems with Deontology
« on: December 07, 2011, 11:16:41 am »
<Written upon a simple piece of parchment in crayon. In between the lines of texts various depictions of a girl with a black and blue dress, cold blue hair. Walking in the high moon night amidst a couple of gas-lit homes. The text written in Drow, and a vibrant blood red crayon>

What is good? See all too often ... all too often ... I hear members of the the supposedly enlightened, Supernal deities espouse terrific parables and bounds of compassion, duty and honourable sacrifice. As if theirs is somehow the word spoken on high. Is this 'good'? What is the key, core principles of goodness? Fealty, respect, compassion ... what a load of crock. Who wants any of these things? Indeed should it not be said that the notion of the perfect will lies in the reinforcement of core maxims. The truth of the animal that we all are?

Maxims ... that it is right I defend myself ... that I deserve nothing less than respect, through fear if necessary. That I should crave power to exert my will ...

Let's not lie to ourselves that this is the apriori maxims that any apex predator has ... and make no mistake friends. This is what so called 'good' churches espouse also. They will hide it amidst pathetic jargon, or sophistry. But in truth ... all people crave that moment of power. The power to exert one's will, the power to demand respect ... demand that you are seen as right. What more can there be?

Do not delude yourself into believing that the so called 'Evil Gods' merely want to enslave you, because you are buying into the whole manure that those Supernal beings you hold as Blessed figures of morality do not want the same thing! They want to have you fear them, they want you to perscribe to their singular belief, they want you to lose yourself and your freedoms to the singular cause of spreading 'Good' and 'nobility' throughout the land. 

They would have you believe that they uphold the superior in deed the moral maxims that govern our lives! But what nonsense is this? Common precepts of faith is that it betters you as a -person- ... it betters you as an -individual-. Of this there can be no doubt, no qualm, no falsity!

The Gods are real and no less, or more, than one deserves your fixated worship. You should live in the footsteps of these ultimate principles. BUT IN DOING SO you must then judge by such colours the tenants of your faith. Most of the Supernal beings of the supposedly 'noble, and good' Deities would have you lose yourself to the insanity of perscription. To be limioted in your freedoms, to limit yourself in your dealings and affairs. What maxim ... nay ... what -MORALITY AND RIGHT- by which would allow one to foolhardedly claim this to be a noble and true goal?

Take for instance the Temptress. Perfect in her Dark Splendour. What are her tenants? Are they truly so costly, so inhibitive, so cruel or maladjusted? The Dark Lady wants you to be ambitious. Take the Initiative. Fight for your right to be seen as superior and above your peers. She wants us to be -US- ... to give power to us.

To what greater pleasures do we owe? To what do many ascribe to her but the subjective and foolhardy term of 'evil' ... or 'malignant'. She wants us to be true to ourselves, and allow us to seek ever greater perfection and beauty. To be better and to advertise our individual power and authority.

How is it that such laudable aspirations be claimed as poor in valour, in nobility, or lacking in merit? Why is it that people attach grandness and nobility to Gods who would have us ENSLAVED and without the free will and tenacity to even attempt to -rightfully- stand out amongst our peers?!

To wit, these deontological values they hold onto so dearly that they wish us to be drones workking for some eclectic greater good of which is vague, and so wretchedly inobtainable as to have us languish in pity and distress?

I ask you now, Naerlan ... what is Evil? A God asking you to be all you can be, or a party line that tells you to forget your inherent value, and deny yourself all that you are due?

<the parchment scrawlings end with no signature, nor name or seal ... but a purple crayon depiction of a purple spider>