Author Topic: A few points I need to make  (Read 10097 times)

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A few points I need to make
« on: August 02, 2012, 05:37:07 pm »
Hey folks a few things here,
I appreciate all of your making time to play AU, and contribute to it's community.
I have a few points to make, some are going to come off harsh. Please bare with me.

First off I am sick of the US vs. THEM mentality that's been forming, the staff has
nothing against the players, nor are we just sitting idly by trying to let the mud
stagnate. We are all one community, but this does not mean everyone's pet ideas/projects
get done.

Secondly, respect. We need to stay respectful on the forums and channels. If not you will
loose your channels/rights to the forums. I am frankly tired of people being trolls (the
Internet variety not the river ones).

Third, if you have a problem w/ someone come to me w/ it. I don't like hearing something like
X staff member say Y 3 months ago, and I stopped playing for a while. Or A player said Q and
I am not telling you what player it was, but I am really upset.

Lastly, if you feel you can run a MUD better check out help NEWMUD, and feel free to try.

Please remember we're all trying to avoid burnout, there is a lot you guys don't see behind the
scenes we've got many projects, including some player ideas, or modified ideas. This is not even
counting the Builders work going on on the build MUD. We all want AU to succeed, we jsut sometimes
have differing visions on how to get there.

Implementor and Owner,