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The Cardren brood
« on: September 21, 2008, 01:51:46 am »
   She hated coming down to the Underdark. If she had the power she would have collapsed the whole mountain down on the forsaken place. Sadly it had its uses for her profession, much needed poisons and herbs to aid her on adventures. Neff let out a deep sigh as she headed down Moonlight Street the eyes watching her as she went along her business. Thieves took one look at the silvered haired pixie and ducked back into the shadows professional courtesy between charlatans and thieves sometimes one could count beggars into the mix depending on the economy of a city. Neff was broken out of her revelry by the cries coming from the slaver's market.
   The pixie suppressed a cold shudder as she came into the square where slaves willing and unwilling were to be auctioned off. How long ago had it been since she was the one on that stage naked and scared for her life? Still it haunted her each time she came down to the Underdark. She had been saved from the nightmares by her love and husband Darius but even the good memories they forged couldn't shake some of the dark ones that still haunted her. ?MAMA!? Neff stopped in her tracks when she heard the cry. Her lavender eyes went to the direction of the cages. Her blood ran cold as she heard the wailing and crying of a child. Without a second thought Neff sought a shadow and cast invisibility on herself and her snowcat. Silently they sneaked into the cage area where various humanoid forms sat in the cages. Neff's nose turned up at the smell of soiled hay and death. ?At least the dead ones are lucky here.? she thought. She scanned the darkened area looking for the source of the cries. Stopping herself from letting out a gasp Neff spotted a small form sobbing quietly in a smaller cage. As she neared the cage Neff could see it was child. Her rage was boiling, the child's pale skin was covered in cuts and bruises and the child's dark hair was filthy and matted. Her clothing had one been lovely hand sewn and embroidered but now it was dirty and tattered. What finally got the better of Neff and let her rage surge was the child had wings. Letting out a snarl which broke her spell Neff flew at the guards, her red dragon's claw making short work of them. As more came in her loyal snowcat made quick work of them. The other slaves in the cages slowly became aware that something was going on. Grabbing the keys from one of the dead guards Neff hurried and unlocked the cages and chains from all the slaves. They all uttered their thank yous and blessings as they ran out of the market, into the Underdark and hopefully for their homes. Neff flew back to the small cage and unlocked the door. Wearily the pixie child raised her head; her eyes were a clear sea grey. Neff didn't need a healer to tell her that the child was sick with ground fever. Sheathing her dagger Neff quickly picked up the small child who was extremely light. ?Are you an angel?? the child asked. Neff looked down at the girl and smiled softly. ?No my dear I am Neff and I will keep you safe.? The snowcat let out a warning growl. Neff quickly cast her invisibility spell once more covering them and made her way out of the Underdark. On the surface it was a windy and cold day Neff wrapped her cloak around the girl. Neff took a quick glance at the road to Narlean and decided against it. Reaching into her bag she pulled out her panpipes and with one hand managed to pipe the tune to home. In a quick flash Neff was in the Cardren Manor on the dragon cliff. She rushed past the guards who only met her with a confused look. Once inside Neff rushed to the master bed room. ?Attend me!? she ordered the servants who fell in line. Neff barked a list of orders as she got the child out of the tattered clothing. A few minutes later the child was in a hot bath with special herbs. Her grey eyes watching the maids and Neff do her hair and bathe her. After the bath Neff dried the girl and put her in the massive bed. A healer arrived and looked the girl over. ?She been unharmed in that sense,? the healer reported, ?She has a severe case of ground fever, give her plenty of food and water and of course as you know sunlight and air.? Neff thanked the healer and paid him for his time. She walked over to the windows in the bedroom and opened them slightly. She then sat at the bedside and watched the tiny sleeping form in the massive furs and covers. ?Asteri please don't let me be to late, please let this child live.? Neff prayed silently.
   Five days later the girl awoke her gray eyes bright and confused about her new surroundings. Neff offered her a kind smile and some food which the girl ate with relish. ?What's your name?? Neff asked the girl. ?Lilyara.? the girl said with her dimples showing. Neff's heart skipped a beat. Lilyara had been her youngest sister of her massive family whom Neff had raised then Ilysar after that. ?What happened to you?? Neff asked. The girl looked sad all of a sudden. ?I was picking flowers in the meadow when orcs attacked. They killed my mother and father and my big brother then caught me, they took me to that dark place where I was locked up and not allowed to fly or see the sun or stars. I got really sick then you came and saved me miss  Neff.? Neff chuckled. ?Its just Neff how old are you Lilyara?? Neff asked. ?I'm six years old I'll be seven next shower.? Lilyara replied as she helped herself to a second round of rolls. ?Is there anyone you'd like to stay with? Grandparents? Aunts? Uncles?? Neff asked. Lilyara looked at Neff helplessly. ?Can I stay here with you?? she asked. Neff fought back her tears. ?Of course you can, you'll be Lilyara Cardren daughter of Neff and Darius.? Neff replied. Lilyara smiled brightly and rose out of the bed. Neff helped her dress into a dress Neff had ordered made for her and then showed Lilyara the grounds and manor. As they were talking a young man with red hair and violet eyes walked up smiling sheepishly at Neff. He then looked at Lilyara. ?I am glad to see you're awake and better,? He replied, ?My mother is a wonderful healer she's nursed me through a few illnesses when I was younger.? Neff reached up and tussled the young man's hair. ?Ilysar this is your sister Lilyara,? Neff said, ?I hope you two can get along.? Ilysar smiled brightly at Neff. ?I knew you were adopting her the minute you rushed into the manor mother, keep this up and you'll and father will have adopted all the orphans in Tharel. Neff shook her head laughing. ?No your father would have my head if I did that.? she replied. Ilysar's face grew still for a moment. ?Speaking on which does father know he have a daughter yet?? Neff shook her head mischievously and smirked. ?No but he will soon enough.?
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