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PK improvements
« on: October 14, 2008, 03:47:06 pm »
[  21] Barbades: PK Improvements
Date:   Mon Oct 13 16:04:34 2008
To:     all
Hey Everyone,
Today we have introduced the first planned adjustments to PK, which we think
hit on the most important areas needing improvement.
1. Player corpses may no longer be looted. The skills/spells 'heat metal',
   'charm person', and steal have also been adjusted so that items may not
   be lost by players. We hope that this makes PK a more enjoyable and
   appealing choice for all players while not detracting too much from the
   experience of existing PKers. Several variants of minimal looting
   were discussed before this choice was made but they were all found to
   have flaws of one sort or another. The disarming of weapons in various
   ways is still allowed, but if you find a way to get anything else from
   another player please notify us immediately so that we can fix it. Such
   things are no longer allowed.
2. Justification notes for each individual attack are no longer required.
   We have decided that rather than having everyone write notes when the
   majority of them match people's motivations, we will only inquire about
   those that don't seem to match. If at some point we ask you about an attack
   please don't take it as critisiscm :) we might just be unaware of an RP
   event that took place, or motivations may just be out of date. Please
   note that motivations will remain, it's just the justifications for each
   attack that have been relaxed.
3. PKjoin limits have been changed to 5-100 instead of 15-25. In the long
   term they will likely change to 5-65 but we want to give everyone a chance
   to join given these significant changes. Our motivation for this is that
   PK should be fun and people should be joining at low levels because they
   want to. It should not be a trial that they have to over prepare for. In
   the future we also plan to introduce incentives to make it a worthwhile
   decision to make.
4. The PK trial time has been extended to 100 in game hours so that people
   can really get a good sense of whether it's the right fit for them before
   being committed.
So in summary, we are really hoping that these changes make the PK experience
a little more on the fun side and better for everyone. It may take a few
iterations of changes to get things perfect but we think this is a start in
the right direction. At any point where PK may change again everyone will be
give the option to get out, so you can feel safe joining now :)
Enjoy :D
Implementor and Owner,