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Announcements / Brief outage today
« Last post by Markov on July 29, 2020, 04:55:01 pm »
We had a brief service outage, our VPS server was moved to new hardware at our hosting service, this was unannounced, but also an improvement in performance.

Announcements / Re: AU TShirt Give away
« Last post by Argein on February 03, 2019, 05:48:27 am »
I posted a picture on the facebook group :)  Thanks again Ben :D
Announcements / Re: AU TShirt Give away
« Last post by Toroid on January 02, 2019, 05:05:43 am »
Woot! Post a picture of the shirt!
Announcements / Re: AU TShirt Give away
« Last post by Markov on January 02, 2019, 03:27:26 am »
Armarthion was our winner
Announcements / AU TShirt Give away
« Last post by Markov on December 18, 2018, 06:29:53 pm »
We're Giving away an AU T-Shirt on 12/31, you've got until the end of the month to log into the game and drop Markov a note saying you are entering.

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[   1] Markov: AU T-Shirt Giveaway
Date:   Mon Dec 17 08:45:49 2018
To:     all
Hey Everyone, I am annoucing it here first, I will be giving away an AU
T-Shirt to one player here at the end of the month for AU's 20th
Anniversary.  To enter: drop me a note on board 4, please one entry per
person (RL people not per character).  I'll be announcing on
FB/Twitter/forums shortly as well.


p.s. I am buying the shiort out to pocket ot give away ;)
IC - Naerlan / Awake?
« Last post by Sidoc on July 29, 2018, 04:07:33 am »
"Just let me go."  Her faint whispers still echoed in his mind.  Was he
still awake or was this another dream?  He stared at the half empty mug in
front of him.  What am I drinking?  What is that smell?  He turned his head
and then noticed the passed out goblin who was napping in a pool of his own
vomit.  Gradually the memory of entering the Severed Hand in Southern
Naerlan returned.  His head hurt.  Was he hung over or was it something
else?  He couldnt remember how long he had been sitting there.  He couldnt
even remember if this was his first mug or his twentieth.  He stood up
carefully.  "No, not dizzy," he thought to himself.  But the strange feeling
wouldnt leave.  He felt awake and yet didnt.  It was as if his soul had been
ripped from his body and he was staring at himself staring dumbly back.
"Mistress..."  He spoke out loud but hoarsely.  He grabbed at the shadow
symbol around his neck and stumbled out of the tavern.
Announcements / Minor change for the Forums/Website
« Last post by Markov on March 12, 2018, 09:11:51 pm »
I've added SSL certificates for the website/forums. Honestly, the forums ought to have had one all along, and at least Google will penalize a sites score while searching for not being in https anymore. 

I am using Let's Encrypt, which is a free Certificate signing authority.
Announcements / Re: The return of the old gods (temporarily)
« Last post by Verse on August 05, 2017, 01:12:24 am »
Here are some memories.

IC - General / The Protagonist
« Last post by Alistair on July 16, 2017, 05:42:51 pm »
I am well on my way to becoming a rising star in the halls of Ruatani.
Sylune has surely blessed me this day as I commit my acts to her entirely in
search of atonement for my sins towards Ruatani.  She opened the door and
let me in with open arms even after all I have done to her and one of her
faithful members.  I cannot say how much this means to me as a man who was in
darkness entirely and consumed by demons and tormented day and night for
what I had done to her faithful..  Fallen away and left to the wakes of my
own self-destruction I could not find a way.  Though I begged and pleaded
with Mahrina and the temple elders, they would not have me back.  Consumed
by venom and rage, they said.  Too long on the darkside.  See what happens
when you play with fire?  Referring, of course to my magics and thief-like
abilities..  They would have none of it.  If there were even a chance of my
belonging, even though my background seems a bit on the darkside, it was
gone now and I was left broken and bare and vulnerable to the demonic
attacks that came to me.  Surrender now or by way of shame see yourself
become consumed.  Wrapped up tightly in the shadows embrace..  Guilt, shame,
remorse..  NOOOOO!  I'm SORRY!!  FORGIVE ME!!!  This went on for days. 
Hours became weeks..  Weeks become months..  Pretty soon there was only one
choice left for me to decide..  I had to seek forgiveness with the
clan-members themselves..  And Ruatani..  As a whole..  Perhaps Sylune would
show me more mercy than my unrelenting Mistress Dreamer, Mahrina.  And
surely as I prayed to the gods to make a way for me.  They welcomed me in
with an open embrace.  After my vision quest I began to see things more
clearly.  It was the magic and the bloodrage that got me wrapped up in my
own thoughts..  And forced me into becoming a murderer against my own kind.
Well, now I wish to turn all that over to the night as the hunter settles
in.  May the moon guide my path as I search through the night, unrelenting,
unscathed.  May my eyes see clearly the path that is before me as I continue
down the line in search of nothing more than peace with my soul and to the
 Your Champion has arrived.
IC - General / The History of Tharel
« Last post by Alistair on July 11, 2017, 07:15:07 am »
I wish to create the history of Tharel but from Antiquitus point of view
behind in hiding all the time and now a bedgraggled man/elf with long hair
and a beard emerges from the darkness with tablets in hand.  I do not know
all of the details however, as far as Gods being destroyed and some of the
major influences and relationships that may have been established in my
absence.  If anybody else wants to help me and offer some of the details as
we go..  Also what happened the first 2 years the game was designed with
Rogue aka mischief etc..  I can't do it alone so..  I really think that
needs to be recorded though and possibly put on display like at Efram's or
something in order to preserve the actual factual history of the game since
its design as a player-made and customized game. 
So any input would be a great place to start.  Thank you.
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