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Announcements / Clan Boards Here on the Forums
« on: July 23, 2008, 02:39:30 pm »
Hello All!
   I am happy to announce I am creating a board for
each clan on the forums and a member group for each.
They will be moderated by the Clanleaders, and in severe
cases by the Staff, who will have these boards visible
at all times.
   To be added to your clans group the character in
the clan MUST be the name used for that forum
account, meaning go ahead and make multiple accoutns,
I will work on getting it so you can use the saem email
address but for now you'll need to use a seperate
address for each.


Announcements / Re: New Forums
« on: July 16, 2008, 05:45:31 pm »
Builders and Immortals, please contact me about your status on the forums.

Announcements / Rules
« on: July 16, 2008, 03:36:52 pm »
AU has very strict policies about language that is allowable on our forums. We try to maintain a controlled environment without cursing and crude language.  We believe that with a little foresight and thought, insults containing curse words can be modified and rephrased without the use of vulgar language. These reworded insults oftentimes are more effective and have a greater impact than their vulgar alternative.

All of our channels are rated PG to provide an environment that is friendly to players of all ages. We believe that the creative use of ic insults can provide more roleplay and a better atmosphere for Adventures Unlimited.

The following is a list of rules regarding the channels on AU.

1. The MUD's channels and notes are rated PG. Do not use words that are out of this context. About the only allowable cuss-words are Damn and Hell. Any over-use of these will be dealt with as well.

2.Crude sexual comments are not allowed. This rule includes comments on sexual orientation (i.e. You are gay ? or anything worse than this).

3.Symbols may not be used in place of letters to subvert these regulations (i.e. F@CK). Other abbreviations that subvert these rules are also not allowed (i.e. Wtf).

4.Topics such as religion, politics, sexual orientation, race, nationality, self pity, drugs and alcohol, and cruelty to animals are not allowed on ooc channels.

5.The message boards, note boards, titles and rtitles are subject to these regulations.

6.Any language deemed inappropriate by a channel monitor or immortal will immediately be ceased by the offending player. Language in descriptions, titles, or rtitles that are deemed inappropriate shall be changed immediately without argument.

7. Repeated insults (i.e. calling someone a whore) are inappropriate. If you cannot come up with something new, you will need to just
be quiet.

Please read help respect and help channel_violations for information regarding punishments and other rules on AU.

Announcements / New Forums
« on: July 16, 2008, 03:20:18 pm »
Heya Folks,
      After Asteri ran into troubles w/ the old Forums last month we've been working to get them back to no avail, I tried to restore them here w/ a newer core to the forums, and failed, so we're starting from scratch, I would like to recommend that you use the URL for bookmarking so if I actually move them to you're bookmarks will be up to date still.

Have fun!
Webmaster, Adventures Unlimited

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