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IC - General / Returning Winds
« on: March 03, 2010, 09:48:09 pm »
The figure watched as the land grew closer to the rickety boat she sat in. The scrawny men struggled as they rowed to the rocky shore, every so often glancing at the cloaked form. The only sign of impatience was the tapping from her nail against the edge of the boat.

Finally the boat touched shore and before the men could hold out a helping hand she was leaping out onto the land, water lapping briefly against her bared feet. The woman takes a moment to inhale deeply as her stormy gaze takes in the all too familiar surroundings, a hint of a smile touching her lips. She turns back to the men who seem unable to stop watching her and lazily tosses them a bag of coins which they argue over briefly. When they turn back to the shore, the woman has disappeared into the mists.

Hurry home.

The woman tilted her face to the sky as the storm threatened to break overhead, the urgency of the wind-whispered words causing her to break into motion once more. Her feet kept to the winding path as she made her way to Naerlan, an odd smile on her lips as she keeps to the shadows once near the city's wall. Her gaze paused on the graveyard as she headed that way, her body growing tense as she wanders through the gravestones.

She drags her fingers over a particular gravestone and uses a shovel found against another as she digs into the hardened dirt.  The shovel soon enough hits something metal causing birds to scatter at the unexpected noise. She falls to her knees as she brushes away the dirt almost lovingly.

Old friend, I have need of you again. She murmurs softly. Her fingers sweep over the blackened bracer as she tugs it gently from the ground. A spectre appears briefly as she holds onto the bracer, elven features apparent before it fades transparent. She looks startled briefly at the more solid form but the spectre merely bows and falls into line at her back as the storm finally opens and rain drenches her and the surroundings.

As you wish it.

As she walks into the gates of Naerlan, the lightning flashes brightly overhead as the familiar mark of Elbar circles her neck and glows brightly. Once she reaches the temple she makes her way in with a faint smile that lingers on her lips as she takes in the ever familiar sights.I'm back and the storm will be known and embraced once again.

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