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Announcements / Christmas Quest and Games!
« on: December 18, 2013, 09:08:27 pm »
It's that time of year again! Christmas Time!

Put the yule log on the fire and be prepared for fun and
games Adventures Unlimited style!!

We have one quest currently running from now until the
end of the month, look for the mob in Naerlan around
Hickory Street! Please refer to the bottom of the note
for rules and guidelines.

Next we have minigames that will randomly be held for
three days! The dates will be the 24th{g, 25th and 26th
of December, server time.

There will also be an ornament decorating contest! Due
to the varying log ins, entries will be open over a
period of a few days. The winner will be decided shortly
after the deadline. If you wish to participate, please
NOTE on the PRIVATE board to Odessa.

And finally there will be a gift exchange (presents
provided by the Immortals) on Christmas Eve and
Christmas Day!

Rules and Guidelines:

Christmas Tree Main Quest:

-Collect Christmas trees found (by searching) throughout
Tharel and turn them into the quest mob in Naerlan for
a reward!
-If you find a bug and abuse it (and not report the bug)
you will be severely punished.
-You can only turn in ONE each of the four kinds of trees
every twelve hours.
-If you have reached your daily quota, do not hoarde trees!
Wait until you can turn in more trees before collecting them.

Gift Exchange:

-You can only participate once.
-You can only trade the gift you receive AFTER the event
is over.
-Please, do not ask for a different gift if you do not like
the one you opened.

Thank you very much and we hope to see you participating!


The Staff of Adventures Unlimited

IC - General / Western Invasion (In Game RP)
« on: October 29, 2012, 12:11:30 am »
This note style Role Play is IN GAME only. If you wish to join in, please log into the game and feel free to do so! :D

Enjoy the read!

[  15] Nalfein: Preperations
Date:   Sun Oct 21 23:47:21 2012
To:     all

The drow captain stood hunched over a massive wooden table, its top covered in
maps, compass' and various other small tools. The map he currently studied
appeared far newer than the rest, its fresh edges still attempting to curl back
into a roll. Pushing the map over and lining another up with its edge the drow
began tracing a finger throught he waters and muttering. Grabbing one of the many
tools that littered the table he began walking a small compass from one point to
another. With a brisk nod he stood, stretching as his began cracked in relief.
With a small shudder and smile the drow left his cabin, yelling at his crew the
moment his door opened.
A large fleet of ships broke the horizing of the aliuna docks, approaching from
the east they quickly closed the distance between themselves and the town.
Familiar sails, marked with the symbol of Elbar began filling the towns large
harbor and many more began setting anchor a few short leagues out from the town.
Smaller boats were lowered from the anchored vessels, as nearly a thousand men
rowed into town and hundreds more poured from the boats filling the harbor.
Seasoned pirates quickly filled the bars and seedier parts of town, even more men
"procured" means of transportation and travelled to the towns of Terrason, Khetes,
Meneth Naur and began tossing the ideas of easy money and cheap thrills into the
Standing behind the helm of a particularly handsom ship anchored at sea, the drow
captain stood watching the town. A confident smirk on his face as he slowly
twirled an ornate compass in his hand.

[  16] Farunan: Dire Warnings
Date:   Mon Oct 22 00:27:13 2012
To:     all

A blue eyed gnome stood at Catch of the Day haggling over the price of
the fish he had caught that morning when gasp of astonishment sounded from
those closer to the docks of Aliuna.  People crowd the docks pointing out to
sea where a large fleet of ships has appeared on the horizon.  The gnome
works his way towards the end of the docks in hopes of getting a better
view, even going so far as to walk between the legs of a gawking giant.  The
gnome spits into the water, watching the ships grow larger on the horizon.
As the ships get closer the marks upon their sails become clear.  Each bears
the symbol of Elbar.  The gnome frowns as he counts the ships; 5, 10, 15,
20, and still they continue to appear over the horizon with no mistaking
their destination.  The gnome looks down at the mark of Cylad that hangs
around his neck.  To watch and record, those were the task he was instructed
to perform.  His gaze returns to the ships.  If he did nothing there was
bound to be serious trouble, already it could be too late to stop whatever
it was the fleet brought with it.  He nods to himself as he turns and pushes
his way through the growing crowd.  He goes first to the Palace of the Eliem
to alert the local government as to what is happening.  He exits the city
from the north gate, knocking a lone rider from his horse and taking the
mount.  The gnome rushes down the caravan road to Terrason to alert the
Titans, then continues west to Elsfar, Barreston, and then south to
Rivendale.  He continues on, passing through Naerlan, not bothering to stop
since there hasnt been a government in place in Naerlan for decades.  He
warns the dwarves of Hagarth and then makes his way to Deltharian to rouse
the elves.  Having warned who he could, he returns to the temple of Cylad
and takes a seat by the River of Time to watch and record, as he was

[  17] Lance: Preparation/Assemblage
Date:   Mon Oct 22 04:58:32 2012
To:     all

The little cloak of a pixie couldnt help but grin through the shadows of his
hood as he watched the galleys pulling in and docking. He sat and watched
for several hours, listening to the drunken comments of passing soon-to-be
Eventually he slowly walked backwards to fall from the roof, and from all
sight, to zip off quietly through the alleys and away from aliuna.
Swooping down through the open window and skimming the railing of the
spiraling staircase he approached the kobold that stood half-asleep, propped up by a broom.
"Jegtar! Rouse your cousins, more gold and loot than they can carry. Have
your uncle visit the Stronghold, same offer to its goblins."
The pixie grinned again before zipping out the window to buzz around Tharel busily..
"Remember that 'cave-in' that went uninvestig-"
"-Yeahyeah.. we'll be there" Muttered a -now- decidedly grumpy dwarf..
"Ohh screw your self-preservation, just lend me as many of your limp-
wristed elves as your treasurer deems necessary"
"You can all either buzz around annoying explorers for no reason.. or you can
do something -truly- annoying for GOLD. Your call, buggers!" He shouted the offer,
and racial-slur, to the trees with a cheeky grin.
The little pixie fluttered in to the crowded orcish mess-tent, fluttering up to
the commanders table and plonking down two bags that spill out glittering gems and thick gold coins.
"'nough said?" He inquired..
The reddish orc grunted, to which the others cheered.
============ ============
Ziping from tower to tower and brandishing riches and promises of
knowledge or power the little buzzer managed to assemble a handful of
robed beings outside the gates of Overlook and, with a few simple words to
each, they started to vanish in pairs.
He glanced around the now empty area with a shrug before slapping the
back of his hand with an old ticket, he too vanishing from sight.
The little pixie appeared in the middle of some not-so dense forest and,
finding himself a shady perch, sat still to wait.. for several days.. only the
occasional buzzing of his wings hinting at his boredom..
Eventually the first shimmer of air appeared, through which came a familiar
rattish-face followed by a stream of dodgily equipped kobolds.
"Rhokar! How fares BogRock?" Asked the pixie as he zipped up to the small,
though still comparatively large, creature for an awkward hug.
"LittleBastard!" Exclaimed the kobold-chieftan, hugging the pixie as best he
could without breaking him, "Ah, still smells worse'n a goblin with'rrruns, but-"
"Th'so, mutt? Ker t'say'tgin?" Both turned to see a lavishly dressed goblin
approaching from another shimmer in the air, a swarm of goblins assembling behind him.
"With pleshah, toad.. ." The kobold and goblin locked eyes, glaring at each other, but it quickly slipped into broad gri
Soon enough other gates opened and smaller quantities of much larger
creatures began to shamble through them, occasionaly a gate would close
just to reopen and have a tired mage stagger through, before continuing the stream of "mercenaries".
"And of the locals?" Asked a fairly generic looking dwarf, breaking the silence of the main tent.
"We have to wait.."

[  18] Taliesin: the old duergar
Date:   Mon Oct 22 08:18:31 2012
To:     all

the door sings wide open as the old duergar steps inside, the centaurs fist
looks as cold and unfriendly as it usaly does, The old stone walls barely
holding the roof up with the large pieces of mortar constantly breaking off.
the old duergar sits down at the bar and signals the keeper.
"The usual Talandst, I need to get sloshed".
the bar keeper sighs, shaking his head as he pulls out a mysterious bottle of
yellow liquid and carefully pours it into a shotglass, the fumes alone
were enough to immediately kill the poor passing fly who decided to land next
to it.
as the old duergar slams the shot down, a band of pirates fly into the tavern!
"Your GOLD OR Your LIFE!" sceams the largest one, clearly he was the leader
of the group.
the old duergar remains at the bar with his back faceing the pirates, a tear in
his eye... Damn that yellow liquid is good he thinks to him self as the largest
pirate walks upto him
the old duergar has little choice then to sit on his bar stool, still stunned
by the potency of the yellow liquid yet some how manages to slur out some
inchorent words.
"Yerrgle flaffle Neenar! blop Nar Ner frummble!"
the large pirate looks confused for a second, looks back at his band of men
before bursting into a fit of roaring laughter!
"This one's a complete launatic! Boys! rob this old duergar blind!"
the smallest pirate of the band plucks up the courage to confront the old
duergar, this was his chance to prove him self, putting his hand on the shoulder
of the old one he is suddenly sent through the south window, landing on walk of
"What in Elbar's name?!"
Finally the duergar had appeared to have regained some control over his body,
he stands up to face the largest of the pirates, allmost falling over in the process!
apparently he had not regained the ability to speak yet. the pirates once again
burts into laughter! as the largest one puts his hand aroud the old duergars throate
one handedly lifting him into the air.
"I dont know how you managed to send my man out the window but your finished now
old one!"
the old duergar starts to laugh, between the sounds of him choaking and gasping
for air as the pirates grip becomes tighter. The old duergar starts to black out
from the lack of breaths, yet he manages to mutter out a few small words.
The explosion was heard from as far away as barreston, the mushroom cloud of dust
was seen from as far as terrason.

as the dust settles only rubble, debre` and bloodied corspes remain of the once
centaurs fist, with no sign what so ever of the old duergar!

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