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Announcements / New Areas! September 2nd 2011
« on: September 03, 2011, 01:14:11 am »
New areas have gone in today. I am going to give you a quick
run down.
Heishnum Desert: replaced Sands of Sorrow.
Brovlancor: replaced Elemental Canyon.
The Hand of Markov: replaced Dwarven Kingdom
Please note these 3 areas are all still in the same place.
Breyard Village is an original area, written by Odessa.
Eirenole Valley is an original area, written by Dmayrion.
The Mines of Markov is an original area, written by Odessa.
(Please note the mines are attached to the Hand of Markov)
Please also thank Krevick for the Heishnum Desert :)

IC - General / The Tharel Talent Show. (as logged by Timalia and Aunaer)
« on: August 15, 2010, 07:30:04 am »

This huge room is often dimly lit, except the wide stage directly east of here.  Frilly red silk curtains have been drawn back elegantly to show the white marble stage off, and blue lace decorates the front of it.  Several different colors of soft magical light converge on the stage and mix strangely into a gentle, normal white light.  Plenty of comfortable seats line the walls, and rows of chairs have been set up in front of the stage.  Placed directly in the center of the first row, three large thrones decked out in ribbons have been set aside for the judges.  A tiny hallway leads off to the south, while amazingly large double doors lead back to the west into the foyer.

A beauitful and very large stage graces the room
Three large thrones sit right before the stage.
Large rows of comfortable looking chairs are placed all thoughout the room.

Countess Erny has arrived from the east.

A child encapsulated in the void has arrived from the east.

Timalia nods at Countess Erny.

Countess Erny beams a smile at Timalia.

In common, Timalia states, 'You may begin when ready'

Countess Erny curtseys gracefully for you.

Aunaer eyes Erny with a barely supressed grin.

Countess Erny is using:

a black lace blouse covers a simple white shift
the hem of a plaid skirt brushes the top of her stockings
black lace stockings stop just above the knee
black patent leather round toed shoes with a barely-noticable heel
ever-present perception from the Shadows

In common, Countess Erny questions, 'What would you like me to begin with?'

In common, Timalia says, 'You may begin your performance'

Countess Erny pulls a small, fluffy snow-white rabbit out of nowhere, then reaches two fingers into the creatures mouth and yanks out a hat.

Timalia gasps in astonishment.

Watcher Strayal chuckles politely.

Aunaer splutters and covers her mouth with her hand, smothering a laugh.

Countess Erny puts a ball under a glass, then produces two identical glasses.  She mixes up the glasses, then steps back and smiles.  After a moment the glass in the center explodes sending shards of glass all over the stage.

Timalia jumps back in alarm

Watcher Strayal gives a round of applause.

Aunaer smiles, brushing a shard of glass from Strayals sleeve almost absently.

Countess Erny brings out a guillotine, browned with dried blood and smiles at the audience, and asks in common, 'Any volunteers?'

You chuckle politely.

Watcher Strayal waves happily.

Timalia raises an eyebrow

In common, Watcher Strayal exclaims, 'Me!!'

In common, Countess Erny exclaims, 'Well fine then!  If no one wants to help, I won't do any more magic!'

Watcher Strayal waves happily.

In common, Aunaer states 'Master Strayal will Erny.'

In common, Watcher Strayal exclaims, 'Pick me! Pick me!'

In common, Countess Erny says, 'Since no one has ever survived it, I'm unsure if the Lady Timalia would appreciate it, but thanks anyways.'

Countess Erny curtseys gracefully.

Aunaer claps softly.

In common, Aunaer comments 'Very well done Erny.'

Timalia shows her approval by clapping her hands together.

Watcher Strayal shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

In common, Timalia comments, 'Very nice, very nice'

In common, you question 'Would you like to ask your question first Timalia?'

Countess Erny faces Timalia and awaits the first question.

In common, Timalia wonders, 'If you ruled the world, what would you do to improve the lot of Imps?'

In common, Countess Erny states, 'Thus far, I know of the existence of only myself, and a few that were summoned to do the bidding of others.  I would free them from their oppressors.'

Aunaer nods to herself, shrugging at Timalia.

In common, Countess Erny states, 'And I would ban the use of such magics.'

In common, Aunaer states to Timalia 'A fair answer'

In common, Timalia questions, 'Anything else, countess?'

In common, Countess Erny says, 'That is enough, I would think.'

In common, Timalia says, 'Very well.'

In common, Aunaer questions 'My question?'

Timalia nods.

Aunaer leans forward slightly, staring intently at Erny, and wonder in common 'Which quality of women gives them an edge over men?'

Countess Erny nods at Aunaer in agreement.

Timalia contemplates the contestant

In drow, Countess Erny states to Aunaer, 'That is a difficult question, My Lady, as I am the only of my kind that is free, so I cannot judge for my own race.  In the drow it exists simply because that is the natural order.  In the other races, I find both to be nearly as equally useless. However, women tend to possess within them the power of creation and protection of those important to them.'

Aunaer smiles and sits back.

In common, Aunaer comments 'Very nicely answered Erny'

Timalia nods.

In common, Timalia states, 'Thank you'

Aunaer nods to Erny

In common, Aunaer says 'Yes, thank you.'

In common, Timalia wonders, 'Would you like to take a seat and watch the others?'

In common, Countess Erny comments, 'For a bit, yes.'

Timalia checks her list

Countess Erny stands up.

Countess Erny rests in comfortable, cushioned chair.

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