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Announcements / New Areas! September 2nd 2011
« on: September 03, 2011, 01:14:11 am »
New areas have gone in today. I am going to give you a quick
run down.
Heishnum Desert: replaced Sands of Sorrow.
Brovlancor: replaced Elemental Canyon.
The Hand of Markov: replaced Dwarven Kingdom
Please note these 3 areas are all still in the same place.
Breyard Village is an original area, written by Odessa.
Eirenole Valley is an original area, written by Dmayrion.
The Mines of Markov is an original area, written by Odessa.
(Please note the mines are attached to the Hand of Markov)
Please also thank Krevick for the Heishnum Desert :)

In common, Timalia states, 'I think  that's it'

In common, Timalia questions, 'Don't you?'

Aunaer nods.

In common, Timalia says, 'Perhaps the contestants would retire to the foyer while the rest of us convene .... '


[IC] - GT - Timalia: 'Well, that was HARD!'

[IC] - GT - Timalia: 'Would the contestants care to return to the auditorium?'

[IC] - GT - Aunaer nods.

[IC] - GT - Watcher Strayal in common: 'Agreed, so much talent in Tharel...'

The door opens.

Gwyn has arrived from the west.

Vanael has arrived from the west.

Gwyn rests in comfortable, cushioned chair.

Vanael rests in comfortable, cushioned chair.

Lord Yugithzale has arrived from the west.

A Blue Heeler has arrived from the west.

Lord Yugithzale sits down and rests.

In common, Timalia comments, 'This has been very difficult'

Aunaer nods

In common, Timalia says, 'I'm at loss for words'

In common, Aunaer comments 'Indeed.'

In common, Watcher Strayal comments, 'Yes...'

In common, Timalia states, 'But you've all been very patient and i don't want to keep you waiting longer'

Aunaer smiles at Strayal, plucking a hair from his shoulder.

In common, Timalia comments, 'EVERYone was entertaining or amazing'

In common, Timalia comments, 'In the question category, Erny is awarded first and Vanael second '

Aunaer sorts through the ribbons

Aunaer gives a red SECOND place ribbon to Vanael.

In common, Timalia comments, 'In the costume category it was obvious that everyone had given a lot of thought and time to their apparel and it was just hard to choose.  IN the end, we chose Gwyn and then Vanael'

Gwyn blushes.

*Yay!*  Go Gwyn!!!  Watcher Strayal cheers her on.

In common, Gwyn exclaims, 'Thank you!'

Aunaer gives a red SECOND place ribbon to Vanael.

Aunaer gives a blue FIRST place ribbon to Gwyn.

In common, Timalia comments, 'For talent ... well, we had to come up with a brand new award '

Aunaer grins playfully.

Watcher Strayal smiles happily.

In common, Timalia says, 'Yugi ... I don't know how to describe it except stunning'

Aunaer nods slowly.

Watcher Strayal grins evilly.

In common, Lord Yugithzale says, 'That c an be really bad.. or really good'

In common, Timalia comments, 'But  '

In common, Watcher Strayal states, 'I would say it was very enriching...'

Timalia chuckles politely.

Watcher Strayal grins evilly.

Aunaer chuckles politely.

In common, Aunaer says 'Amusing for sure.'

In common, Timalia comments, 'For the conventional awards, we choose Vanale and then Gwyn but Yugi was ... unique'

Aunaer gives a red SECOND place ribbon to Gwyn.

Aunaer gives a blue FIRST place ribbon to Vanael.

In common, Aunaer asks 'Shall I give him his award Timalia?'

In common, Timalia comments, 'So, overall, ...'

In common, Timalia says, 'Please yes'

Aunaer gives a Golden ribbon to Lord Yugithzale.

*Yay!*  Go Lord Yugithzale!!!  Gwyn cheers him on.

*Yay!*  Go Lord Yugithzale!!!  Watcher Strayal cheers him on.

In common, Gwyn wonders, 'Can i see it???'

Lord Yugithzale shows a Golden ribbon to Gwyn.

In common, Timalia states, 'For over all then, the grand prize goes to Miss Vanael'

In common, Aunaer states 'Yes, Vanael, you did an amazing job all round.'

In common, Timalia states, 'And I hope you all enjoyed your refreshments.'

Aunaer smiles warmly at Vanael.

Watcher Strayal nods.

Vanael rises and bows.

In common, Timalia asks to Vanael, 'Do you want to specify your godstone now? or later?'

In common, Lord Yugithzale exclaims, 'Shinnangins! I want a more corruptable judge panel next time!'

In common, Watcher Strayal states, 'Vanael's talents are interesting to say the least...'

In drow, Vanael states, 'Thank you.'

Aunaer nods in agreement with Strayal

In drow, Vanael states, 'The Lord Ytrewtsu's stone of destruction please.'

In common, Aunaer states 'A very difficult talent too.'

Timalia gives Ytrewtsu's Destruction Stone to Vanael.

Vanael brushes her fingers lightly over the stone before tucking it away.

Timalia collapses back on the throne, bereft of energy

In common, Timalia says, 'I want to thank ALL of you here'

In common, Timalia states, 'You put on fine performances'

In common, Timalia says, 'And your costumes were wonderful'

Aunaer nods in agreement

In common, Timalia comments, 'And your answers  .. enlightening'

In common, Watcher Strayal states, 'I just can't get the rabbit trick out of my head for some reason'

Watcher Strayal mutters something quietly to himself.

Aunaer grins playfully at Strayal.

In drow, Vanael comments, 'Again, thank you.'

Aunaer smiles.

In common, Aunaer comments 'I had a good time, thank you Timalia.'

Watcher Strayal chuckles politely.

In common, Gwyn exclaims, 'Thank you very much, every one!'

Gwyn curtseys gracefully.

Vanael stands up.

Vanael nods at Timalia.

Timalia nods.

Aunaer nods to Vanael and smiles.

Gwyn gives a small wave of her fingers and she can be heard quietly humming a merry tune as she heads on her way

Gwyn opens the west exit.

Gwyn leaves west.

Lord Yugithzale yawns.

Lord Yugithzale leaves west.

A Blue Heeler leaves west.

Vanael leaves west.

Lord Yugithzale has arrived from the east.

A Blue Heeler has arrived from the east.

Timalia beams a smile at Lord Yugithzale.

Lord Yugithzale peers around himself intently.

In common, Timalia comments, 'You may begin when you're ready'

Aunaer nods.

In common, Lord Yugithzale wonders, 'Begin... what?'

In common, Lord Yugithzale exclaims, 'Oh!'

Lord Yugithzale is using:

a rubber Gel Mibson  mask
a Black Leather sleeve
More leather sleeve, woah!
a Pair of Black Leather gloves
a Black Leather Jacket
a Leather belt with a gold belt buckle
Black Leather pants & a Medical Brace
Dark Leather Boots
a futuristic Gunpowder device

Vanael looks at Lord Yugithzale.

In common, Lord Yugithzale states, 'A talent right..'

Timalia nods.

In common, Lord Yugithzale comments, 'So- I'm going to do a magic trick'

Aunaer nods.

Timalia leans forward to watch

In common, Lord Yugithzale comments, 'I am going to make a certain object dissapear'

Lord Yugithzale gives a thick wad of cash to Timalia.

Lord Yugithzale gives a thick wad of cash to Aunaer.

Lord Yugithzale gives a thick wad of cash to Watcher Strayal.

In common, Lord Yugithzale exclaims, 'Done!'

In common, Lord Yugithzale exclaims, 'All gone!'

Watcher Strayal smiles happily.

Watcher Strayal stands up.

Aunaer lowers her head to her hands and shakes her head slowly.

Timalia looks at Aunaer in astonishment

Watcher Strayal gives a round of applause.

In common, Watcher Strayal exclaims, 'That was wonderful!'

Timalia drops a thick wad of cash.

Timalia brushes her hands together as if dusting them off

Watcher Strayal palms the cash carefully.

Aunaer speaks through her hands to Timalia, and ask in common 'Would you like to ask your question?'

Timalia sighs.

In common, Timalia says, 'Let's see ....'

In common, Timalia asks to Lord Yugithzale, 'If you ruled the world, how would you improve the life of drows?'

In common, Lord Yugithzale exclaims, ''What a wonderful question!

Timalia raises an eyebrow at Lord Yugithzale's weird actions.

Aunaer sits up, placing her hands gently in her lap.

In common, Lord Yugithzale comments, 'I would try and help them acclimate to the sun, that way they could keep a better eye on all of their slaves! becuase you know... I would love to promote the drows to rule as my underlings'

Vanael curls her lip slightly in distaste.

Timalia smirks at Lord Yugithzale's saying.

Watcher Strayal chuckles politely

Aunaer sighs.

In common, Aunaer asks Timalia 'My turn?'

Timalia nods

In common, Timalia says, 'Please'

In common, Aunaer questions 'What has been the most significant accomplishment in your life? Why ?'

In common, Lord Yugithzale exclaims, 'Oh oh! Perfecting my necromantic practices.. my lovley vinya who now runes my shop, I spent years trying to steal her soul from the abyss and bring her amongst the living, I missed her so much but now shes back!'

In common, Aunaer comments 'Interesting....'

In common, Lord Yugithzale states, 'Of course if you remove the collar.. she has a tendency to go ballistic and try and kill everything.. so I have al ittle bit more work to do, but shes alllive'

In common, Aunaer comments 'Ahh...thank you Yugithzale...'

Vanael has arrived from the east.

Vanael stands on an extravagent stage.

Timalia beams a smile at Vanael.

Aunaer smiles and nods to Vanael.

In common, Timalia says, 'You may begin when you're ready'

Vanael is using:

a circlet of twisted silver strands
a silver clasp of twisted souls
strands of silver suspend a drop of glistening blood
blood-red bracers of hardened elven skin bristling with spikes
a thick silver bracelet embedded with blood-red rubies
a band of silver smelted with the blood of the fallen
fitted elven hide gloves stained with blood
a ring of polished elven bone
a silver ring bearing a large red ruby
a cowled black cloak clasps at the throat
a laced corset of hardened elven hide stained with blood
a belt conceals and carries a sacrificial bone knife
a hide skirt with a wide waist band
heeled leather boots laced up above the knees

Vanael steps up onto the stage, gives a brief bow to the judges in greeting and holds up  the carcas of a young fox, and says in drow, 'My talent to present this evening is the preparation of this animal. I have already drained much of its blood because I was informed that this chamber was not designed to accomidate such activites and that I should reduce the mess that the other performers might like to use.'

Aunaer licks her lips and leans forward with interest.

Timalia sits back

Vanael removes a small bone knife from her belt and makes a long cut down the belly, only deep enough to cleanly open the skin, the repeats the cut down to the first joint of each limb.

Aunaer nods slowly, watching the knife very carefully.

Timalia shudders and covers her eyes

Vanael uses the blade of her knife to tease a corner of the skin away from the fleash and begins to slowly work it free without piercing the membranes of the rest of the body or the skin itself.

She works for several minutes to peel the skin free, working her way from the belly up to the sides and peeling the spine last.

Aunaer nods again.

Vanael performs a few quick hard cuts with the knife between joints to cleanly sever the paws and the tail from the rest of the body to keep them with the skin.

At long last she presents the clean skin with the ornamental paws and tail to the judges, and states in drow, 'Now this will require some treatment for preservation and to maintain the fur, so I have prepared articles of my previous work that I hope the judges will enjoy.

Vanael gives a fox stole brushed to a soft shine to Timalia.

Vanael gives a pair of gloves lined with soft rabbit fur to Aunaer.

Timalia holds it way out between finger and thumb, looking dubious

Aunaer examines the gloves very carefully, running it over her fingers and examining the stitching.

Aunaer nods slowly.

In common, Aunaer says 'This is exquisite work Vanael.'

In drow, Vanael comments to Timalia, 'I assure you, it was well cleaned.'

Aunaer rubs the fur over her cheek with a smile.

Timalia wrinkles her nose and sets the stole down carefully, and at a little distance

In common, Aunaer comments 'Very soft.'

Vanael inclines her head to Aunaer.

Aunaer gives a pair of gloves lined with soft rabbit fur to Vanael.

Timalia gives a fox stole brushed to a soft shine to Vanael.

In common, Aunaer states 'I am quite impressed Vanael, it is not easy to do that quite so cleanly and with such skill.'

Vanael lets the corners of her lips curve in a slightly malicious smile, and comments in drow, 'It required much practice.'

Timalia draws a deep breath, hardly daring to go on to the questions

In common, Aunaer comments 'Oh I am certain it does Vanael.'

In common, Aunaer asks 'Timalia? Your question I believe?'

Timalia gulps, and questions in common, 'Uh, Miss vanael, if you ran things, how would you make life in Naerlan better for trolls?'

Aunaer smiles and sits back, awaiting an answer.

Vanael pauses a moment to contemplate the best phrasing of her answer, and says in drow, 'I believe, Miss Timalia, that I would have more bridges built for them to hide under.'

Timalia smothers a smile and nods

Aunaer snorts with laughter, turning it quickly into a cough.

In common, Timalia says, 'Thank you'

In common, Aunaer questions 'Do you consider yourself to be a giver or a taker Vanael? And why?'

Gwyn gets a handful of jordan almonds from a white fur muff.

Gwyn munches on some almonds while she waits

Vanael nearly smiles at Aunaer as she answers, and comments in drow, 'I believe that I am most definitely a giver. All souls must, after all, be given a chance to stand judgement by the Lord Ytrewtsu and I am more than willing to provide them with such a... moving opportunity.'

Aunaer smiles and nods.

In common, Aunaer comments 'A good answer Vanael.'

Timalia blanches at the  thought

Aunaer nods to Timalia.

In common, Timalia says, 'Uh, thank you Miss Vanael.'

In common, Timalia wonders, 'Would you care to watch the last performance from here?'

In drow, Vanael states, 'Certainly.'

Timalia nods toward the chairs

Vanael nods her head to Timalia and bows to Aunaer before stepping down from the stage.

Vanael gets off an extravagent stage.

Aunaer smiles.

Vanael rests in comfortable, cushioned chair.

Gwyn has arrived from the east.

In common, Timalia says, 'Ah, miss Gwyn.  you may begin when ready'

Gwyn is using:

a wreath of stars
a pendant of starlight
a pair of midnight blue velvet sleeves, slashed with silver
a long silver ribbon
a pair of silvery castinets
a star sapphire
a scarf knit of starlight
a midnight blue frock
a cord of starlight
an anklet of merry bells
a lyre

Gwyn looks bashfully at you, sits on the edge of the stage, then gathers herself and begins to hum as she quietly strums. Quietly at first, but low and clear she sings a song of creation and the beginning of the stars. Continuing, the melody soaring and lilting, the words tell of the birth of songs

The song fills hearts with quiet wonder.  Gwyn pauses as the notes echo away.

Standing, changing the mood and her instrument, the next song is lively and all about Asteri's good luck. Gwyn dances as she chants the refrain
So sing as you pluck and give thanks for your luck"

Gwyn turns to a rollicking tune about a princess who prefered the life of a bar maid rather than marry a loathsome prince, inviting the crowd to join her for the chorus of
"She chose a pinch on the bottom and work at the Inn
rather than marry the haughty prince of Tzah'zin"

Aunaer covers a smile with her hand at the song.

Gwyn finishes, dipping small curtseys in all directions

Countess Erny rocks gently, side to side, in time with the song.

Countess Erny stands and applauds the songstress.

Gwyn blushes.

In common, Aunaer says 'Very nicely done.'

Gwyn ducks her head bashfully

In common, Aunaer states 'You are a talented songstress indeed, you should embrace that not hide from it.'

Aunaer smiles.

In common, Timalia states, 'Now, just a couple of questions and you'll be done'

In common, Timalia wonders to Aunaer, 'Do you want to go first?'

In common, Aunaer states 'Yes...'

In common, Aunaer wonders to Gwyn 'What is your definition of success?'

In common, Gwyn states, 'Success .... ummmmmmm'

Aunaer stares at Gwyn with a small smile.

In common, Aunaer comments 'Yes, your own defintion of the word.'

In common, Gwyn comments, 'Uh, if I have led a merry life and helped other so the same, lightening their cares with song and dance, I would think i had been successful'

Aunaer nods slowly.

In common, Aunaer states 'Yes, a good answer.'

In common, Aunaer says 'Thank you Gwyn.'

In common, Aunaer states to Timalia 'Your turn Timalia.'

Timalia smiles, and questions in common, 'Say and if you ran things, how would you make life in the realm better?'

In common, Gwyn exclaims, 'Oh that's easy!'

In common, Gwyn comments, 'I'd have lively music and happy songs every day, all day'

In common, Aunaer states 'With you singing them Gwyn, they would be an improvement over some musicians I have heard.'

Aunaer chuckles politely.

Timalia looks a little puzzled, but smiles encouragingly

In common, Gwyn asks, 'Is that all?'

Aunaer looks at Timalia.

Timalia nods, and wonders in common, 'Yes.  Would you like to watch the rest from here?'

In common, Gwyn exclaims, 'Oh yes, please!'

Gwyn spins around on her toes, happy to have it all over, and sits

Gwyn sits down in comfortable, cushioned chair.

IC - General / The Tharel Talent Show. (as logged by Timalia and Aunaer)
« on: August 15, 2010, 07:30:04 am »

This huge room is often dimly lit, except the wide stage directly east of here.  Frilly red silk curtains have been drawn back elegantly to show the white marble stage off, and blue lace decorates the front of it.  Several different colors of soft magical light converge on the stage and mix strangely into a gentle, normal white light.  Plenty of comfortable seats line the walls, and rows of chairs have been set up in front of the stage.  Placed directly in the center of the first row, three large thrones decked out in ribbons have been set aside for the judges.  A tiny hallway leads off to the south, while amazingly large double doors lead back to the west into the foyer.

A beauitful and very large stage graces the room
Three large thrones sit right before the stage.
Large rows of comfortable looking chairs are placed all thoughout the room.

Countess Erny has arrived from the east.

A child encapsulated in the void has arrived from the east.

Timalia nods at Countess Erny.

Countess Erny beams a smile at Timalia.

In common, Timalia states, 'You may begin when ready'

Countess Erny curtseys gracefully for you.

Aunaer eyes Erny with a barely supressed grin.

Countess Erny is using:

a black lace blouse covers a simple white shift
the hem of a plaid skirt brushes the top of her stockings
black lace stockings stop just above the knee
black patent leather round toed shoes with a barely-noticable heel
ever-present perception from the Shadows

In common, Countess Erny questions, 'What would you like me to begin with?'

In common, Timalia says, 'You may begin your performance'

Countess Erny pulls a small, fluffy snow-white rabbit out of nowhere, then reaches two fingers into the creatures mouth and yanks out a hat.

Timalia gasps in astonishment.

Watcher Strayal chuckles politely.

Aunaer splutters and covers her mouth with her hand, smothering a laugh.

Countess Erny puts a ball under a glass, then produces two identical glasses.  She mixes up the glasses, then steps back and smiles.  After a moment the glass in the center explodes sending shards of glass all over the stage.

Timalia jumps back in alarm

Watcher Strayal gives a round of applause.

Aunaer smiles, brushing a shard of glass from Strayals sleeve almost absently.

Countess Erny brings out a guillotine, browned with dried blood and smiles at the audience, and asks in common, 'Any volunteers?'

You chuckle politely.

Watcher Strayal waves happily.

Timalia raises an eyebrow

In common, Watcher Strayal exclaims, 'Me!!'

In common, Countess Erny exclaims, 'Well fine then!  If no one wants to help, I won't do any more magic!'

Watcher Strayal waves happily.

In common, Aunaer states 'Master Strayal will Erny.'

In common, Watcher Strayal exclaims, 'Pick me! Pick me!'

In common, Countess Erny says, 'Since no one has ever survived it, I'm unsure if the Lady Timalia would appreciate it, but thanks anyways.'

Countess Erny curtseys gracefully.

Aunaer claps softly.

In common, Aunaer comments 'Very well done Erny.'

Timalia shows her approval by clapping her hands together.

Watcher Strayal shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

In common, Timalia comments, 'Very nice, very nice'

In common, you question 'Would you like to ask your question first Timalia?'

Countess Erny faces Timalia and awaits the first question.

In common, Timalia wonders, 'If you ruled the world, what would you do to improve the lot of Imps?'

In common, Countess Erny states, 'Thus far, I know of the existence of only myself, and a few that were summoned to do the bidding of others.  I would free them from their oppressors.'

Aunaer nods to herself, shrugging at Timalia.

In common, Countess Erny states, 'And I would ban the use of such magics.'

In common, Aunaer states to Timalia 'A fair answer'

In common, Timalia questions, 'Anything else, countess?'

In common, Countess Erny says, 'That is enough, I would think.'

In common, Timalia says, 'Very well.'

In common, Aunaer questions 'My question?'

Timalia nods.

Aunaer leans forward slightly, staring intently at Erny, and wonder in common 'Which quality of women gives them an edge over men?'

Countess Erny nods at Aunaer in agreement.

Timalia contemplates the contestant

In drow, Countess Erny states to Aunaer, 'That is a difficult question, My Lady, as I am the only of my kind that is free, so I cannot judge for my own race.  In the drow it exists simply because that is the natural order.  In the other races, I find both to be nearly as equally useless. However, women tend to possess within them the power of creation and protection of those important to them.'

Aunaer smiles and sits back.

In common, Aunaer comments 'Very nicely answered Erny'

Timalia nods.

In common, Timalia states, 'Thank you'

Aunaer nods to Erny

In common, Aunaer says 'Yes, thank you.'

In common, Timalia wonders, 'Would you like to take a seat and watch the others?'

In common, Countess Erny comments, 'For a bit, yes.'

Timalia checks her list

Countess Erny stands up.

Countess Erny rests in comfortable, cushioned chair.

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