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IC - General / An Obscure Ritual
« on: June 18, 2009, 05:46:00 am »
Lodeth emerged from his library after days spent combing over the aged tome.  This procedure would be delicate and the elf had never attempted this type of magic before.  Some things, he'd always reasoned, aren't meant to be meddled with, but as with all rules there existed an exception.  After a good night's sleep, he sent a simple message to the temple of Cylad: "Tonight."

The freshly-dug firepit burns steadily as a human woman enters the clearing.  Lodeth looks up from the flames, acknowledging the presence of the approaching figure.
'Are you certain you understand the risks here, Alisha?'
'Whatever it takes to finally bury the knowledge my father foolishly found.'
'Very well.'  He hands over a small cup.  'This tea contains a mild sedative intended to take the edge off of your emotions and allow you to focus on the memories we seek.'
The elf wizard circles to the opposite side of the flames.
'You must sit or lie down, not too close to the fire.  This may be extremely disorienting and we don't want anyone coming away with serious burns.'
The daughter of his old friend takes a seat facing the firepit.
'Watch the flames carefully.'
The elf wizard produces an ampoule, pouring out a quantity of quicksilver over the fire.  He crushes a piece of bloodmoss in his hands, the crumbs dropping into the blaze before him.  Distorted images appear within the flames as the spell is recited.
'Now, concentrate.  Call to mind your father's research.  Focus only on what you wish to forget!'
The spectres within the fire become sharper, more defined.
'Good!  Is that all?  You've left nothing out?'
Alisha shakes her head.
A tirimic root appears in Lodeth's hand.  The fire flares white hot as the root is flung into its heart, the outburst consuming rapidly most of its fuel and searing away the hated memories.
The next moments are engulfed in silence, and then Alisha's voice sounds, carrying a tinge of alarm.  'I'm blind!'
'That will pass.  More importantly, while the blindness lasts any collateral damage to your memory may yet be restored, so I need you talking.  Let's start with your full name...'

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