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Title: A Notice
Post by: Aliel on February 20, 2009, 08:00:57 am
      Large squares of parchment flutter quietly in the wind. They are of thick vellum, and posted in all the major cities of Tharel; the same pictures and message stare out at the world from various notice boards and market squares. They all read as follows:

[ W A N T E D ]

      Gateo Izzu?ri, last seen seven months ago; Aliel Izzu?ri, seen eight months ago. Should either be sighted or heard from, immediately report their whereabouts to any member of House Izzu?ri or any trusted follower of the Lord Ytrewtsu. They are to be apprehended if possible ? but taken ALIVE. If an attempt to capture them does not succeed, notify the above authorities at once; all information is still considered useful, and as such will be rewarded.

      Below the notice are two images, one beside the other. On the left is a man, tall and angular, clad in hunting leathers and wrapped in a wind-tossed cloak. His hair is dark and unruly, and tosses more shadows across the hollows of his somber features. He appears to be in his mid-twenties by human standards, though the grayish cast of his skin suggests that he may well be older. Beneath the picture, there are a few short lines:
     Lord Gateo Izzu?ri
     Reward: 400,000 gold
     The other picture is that of a young woman, slightly shorter and more lithe than her companion, though her hair is likewise dark. It falls smoothly to her shoulders, framing a thin, pale face; she wears an elegant dress, though somewhat uneasily, as if not used to such attire. Resting just above the dress?s hem is the mark of Barbades, strung on a thin chain around her neck. Written just below the picture are the words:
     Aliel Izzu?ri, Rha?sion of Barbades
     Reward: 300,000 gold

     Centered at the bottom of the parchment is a large seal. The image of a stylized dagger, blade downwards, is embedded in the wax. The wax itself is so deep a red that it almost appears black.
Title: Re: A Notice
Post by: Aliel on April 01, 2009, 04:10:40 am
The wanted posters in Market Square and throughout the various cities have been torn down and replaced by small, official-looking squares of paper. The seal at the base of each one bears a new sigil, that of a hawk carrying an arrow in its talons.
The reward offered by House Izzu'ri for their kin (Lord Gateo and the Barbadian) no longer stands. Any information on others of the family, however, may be rewarded in gold if presented to members of House K'aneth.
The seal, in purple wax, is presumably that of said house.